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 Weekly Tarotscope by LAURA BOYLE - starting Monday 22nd May - Sunday 4th June 2017

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Take this next couple of weeks to enjoy the rest of spring, for summer will very soon be upon us xxx

 Weekly Tarotscope by LAURA BOYLE - starting Monday 22nd May - Sunday 4th June 2017

May 22 - June 21

There is a female energy showing around you at the beginning of this time period & she is not a happy bunny.  There are things that she feels need to be addressed.  She seems to have a chip on her shoulder & this will impact on you, for you felt that you were both on the very same wavelength.  This will continue for much of this first week & you may well find, that by the time we reach the weekend, a decision has to be made.  Maybe you were too hasty in your first opinion?  You felt that you had a strong bond but it seems as if she has a completely different agenda to yourself.  During the middle of the second week, money will be on your mind.  It seems to be okay for the time being, so do bear that in mind whilst making your decisions.  Moving closer to the bank holiday weekend, Archangel Jophiel will be standing close.  She wants you to enjoy yourself, for all work & no play does make for a very boring existence!

June 22 - July 22

Monday you are going to be feeling hard done by.  Someone has not behaved in the way you had given them credit for & when we make a wrong assumption, it can hurt!  Never mind, sometimes pain is needed in order to bring about change!  With the Star showing around the mid week mark of week 1, that is telling us that pain & burden is necessary to give you the impetus to move your life onwards.  The following Monday, you will have made some decisions over the weekend & have decided to bring about some communication.  Money is on your mind & there does need to be a tricky discussion, one that you would rather not have had to have but...... Archangel Gabriel will be around mid week & he can help clear your mind & work out the best way to broker this communication.  You have not really been happy for awhile & now is the time to make changes.  Over the weekend, decisions need to be made - a Yes or a No.  

July 23 - August 23

Some of you may well have had their heads turned - we have the Ace of Cups!  Love is in the air for those available & for those who maybe are not quite so available too!  I have over this next two weeks, both male & female energies, showing both as the same suit.  There could be a business connection or it could be two people who are financially evenly matched.  Towards the later part of week 1, your thoughts are on overseas trips.  Some of you will be travelling, others will be making plans for the very near future.  The start of the second week, your life is going to be moving into a very different cycle.  The Wheel of Fortune always brings a change of fortune!  What goes up must go down too.  How you view this change will depend on whether it is going to be a positive or a negative experience for you.  Archangel Chamuel can help you see the best of your current situation & bring about new friends, new work & new endeavors.  

August 24 - September 22

Emotions are all over the place this first week.  We have the Hangman showing also during this week & that means that you are having to wait & see what others do next.  You are sitting, very patiently on the fence & this is the best way for you at the moment.  Life is not quite going according to plan & for the time being, you just have to accept your lot in life.  Things will & do change in time, but this is not always in the timeframe that we would like!  During the second week, I have a card of separation, differences of opinion, maybe people close to your heart are not around.  Some of you may have a friendship or relationship split too.  Thursday, just before the bank holiday, you are going to have to face facts & you are going to have to take this situation into your own hands.  Over the weekend, the Fool - don't be foolish, consider the implications of your actions before you act!  Archangel Michael can help you.

September 23 - October 23

You are entering a 'What Next' stage of your life.  Recently, you have been somewhat rootless, you have been through difficult, taxing times & now you have to wait to see what transpires over the next couple of weeks.  During the second week, something will come to close & that then means that you can move forwards.  Now is a good time to ponder over your current situation & when the floodgates are opened in the second week, you can then decide which direction to go in.  I have two male energies over these next two weeks, one is very much on your side, the other could have a work or a financial linkage.  I also just before the card of closure in week 2, got a card of celebration, the Three of Cups!  All you have to do now is just wait, see what others say & what they do.  Archangel Michael will be standing close by, for you might need him to do some negotiation on your behalf.  Try not to worry yourself any longer.

October 24 - November 22

Now you can press on with your life, for I have the Judgement card.  This has a karmic link & means that you have passed a recent spiritual lesson or repaid a karmic debt.  Think of life as a staircase & you are now able to move onto the next step.  What will it be?  You can change an awful lot or just a little, or you can be lazy & do absolutely nothing!  For the remainder of week 1, you are going to be struggling to make a decision.  It is a do I stay or do I go sort of scenario.  Money is also at the forefront of your thoughts.  It is not quite working - do you have it but not the happiness or is there a shortfall?  During the middle of the second week, a strong, male energy will be the answer to your problems.  Maybe he's a father figure, maybe a boss, he has an elevated position to yourself.  Over the bank holiday, things are going to start to gel nicely!  Archangel Haniel can bring you peace, harmony & help you make important decisions.

November 23 - December 21

You are now able to press ahead with endeavours that you have already started.  It does involve a male energy & there could also be an overseas or foreign link too.  Wednesday onwards, you will be considering the dynamics of you & he.  Can there be a future?  Can you get things to work out as you would like, in the longer term?  Think outside the box, think of how you would like your life to pan out, even allow your wildest dreams to take hold!  For, sometimes our wildest dreams can become our reality!  The following week, life is going to be more as you would like, but on the other hand, there is a different male energy.  You are going to have to face a difficult situation where he's concerned.  At the moment things are okay with him but something has changed.  You are not as content as you were.  Archangel Raziel wants you to be true to yourself.  Your life, your reality, don't waste your life trying to make others happy.

December 22 - January 20

The Moon - a month is what you've got to make up your mind.  Things are going on behind the scenes & you only have a glimpse of what is around the corner for you.  Oh dear.  I would suggest that you tread very, very carefully, for there is a large sum of money at stake.  There is also a change in the structure of a work or a business deal.  Some Goats could well find themselves having to avail themselves of legal advice too.  During the second week coming up, you will feel more balanced.  The money factor is not really quite as bad as it could be but you feel that you need to have your say.  I have the Page of Swords.  Maybe you should consult with Archangel Haniel, to see if you can broker some peace but... I don't think so.  You seem to want to wield that sword & let everyone know how aggrieved you are.  Over the weekend, good sense could well prevail & stop you from getting out of the frying pan, right into the fire....

January 21 - February 18

You so dearly want to walk away from a very difficult situation.  You don't want to see it, you don't want to discuss it, you don't want to have anything more to do with it.  You have been somewhat unhappy about this situation for sometime & it seems that the more you try to do, & believe me, you have been juggling things for ages, everyone is just happy to sit back & let you crack on.  Enough is enough.  If you're not careful, all this extra stress will start to have an impact on your health.  Without our health, what have we?  During the second week, meetings & interviews are on the cards & afterwards you will be presented with options.  Take your time, choose wisely, for decisions taken this second week could change the course of your life.  Over the weekend, just take a step back, chill, relax & ask Archangel Raphael to give you some wonderful healing.  You need to be strong for what's coming your way in the next few weeks.

February 19 - March 20

I have a very impulsive male energy showing at the start of the week.  He seems to be wanting to put pressure on you, to act impulsively & not giving you enough time or space to make your own mind up.  You are going to be feeling more hemmed in as the week continues & by the weekend, you may well find that you have decided to make a break for freedom.  He is not a bad person as such, I am picking up insecurity & immaturity here.   During the second week, you will be looking at horizons new for yourself.  There is a sense of loss pervading but what must be done, must be done.  Nearing the weekend, I have the same male energy showing.  He seems to have had time to think things through & will want to have some discussion at rightening the situation.  Ask Archangel Gabriel to be privy to these talks & also ask Archangel Michael to help you stay strong & not be swayed.  That is, unless you want to be, of course!

March 21 - April 20

A female energy is showing at the start of the first week & being the suit of Wands, she is someone who is generally very capable.  She is a hard worker & diligent, almost to a fault sometimes!  Money, legal contracts, the Ace of Pentacles.  New beginnings are yours for the taking & what is on offer will give you a completely clean slate.  Moving into the second of these weeks, you will enter it in a position of strength.  Archangel Michael has been standing close & he has helped broker the best of situations for you.  Nearing the bank holiday weekend, someone who has a pleasing personality & disposition will be making contact with you.  Just don't be too hasty, take your time & see where things go from here.  Sunday & Monday, I have a kindly male energy, possibly older than yourself.  He is a great person to run ideas past, for he has your very best interests at heart.  He is trustworthy & wise.  Use his knowledge.

April 21 - May 21

Restriction & everything is everybody else's fault.  Why did they do this?  Why did they do that?  Why did they say this, & that, & the other.  Blah, Blah.  Get your head out of your hands, dry your eyes & start to sort your life out.  I have the Tower card showing over the weekend.  You seem now to have realised that we do need to embrace change in life & that nothing stays the same for long.  Your life is changing & if you embrace it, this could be a very productive time in your life.  The start of week 2, a cycle of your life is coming to close.  New doors are there, all you have to do it to turn the door knob & walk through the door.  Archangel Gabriel wants you to have some communication with someone & it does involve a work or a business situation.  You want to have positive communication, you want to get a situation resolved & you want to embark on your new beginning.  You are now ready, I feel to embrace this.

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Message: I read your tarotscopes and you are always so SLOW posting them. Could you speed it up a little, people are waiting on you... Mark 2.4.17 -  Answer - At least someone reads them! lol xx

Hi Laura, Firstly can I say that I have been following your weekly horoscope and it amazes me after so many months how accurate it is. Sushila - 25.1.17

Message: Hi Laura, first of all, want to thank you for the tarotscope, I enjoyed it for many months, be bold, be specific even it may not fit everyone, most of other readers just goes on about nothing and nothing, wasting everyone's time to even read about the nonsense that anyone can do. We don't want that from you, because you ARE simply the BEST out there, not one of the best..... we look forward for your insights every week, thank you thank you and thank you :) Hope you post on time tomorrow, best wishes xx Mia - 11.12.16

Thank you very much, and I'll have you know that I read your horoscope prediction weekly.  Obliged. Louis 9.12.16

Message: Hello Laura, I hope u can help me, I read ur tarot scopes there very accurate....I just look to see if loves comming my way, kind regards maria 10.10.16


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