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 Weekly Tarotscope by LAURA BOYLE - starting Monday 20th February, 2017

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Weekly Tarotscope by LAURA BOYLE - starting Monday 20th February, 2017

February 19 - March 20

There is a male energy showing at the start of this week.  He is offering the olive branch to people, he wants to be friendly with everyone, he doesn't like arguments or ongoing disputes.  Tuesday, you are free to wipe the slate clean, to get on with the next stage of your life, to put your current difficulties aside.  With the Star showing around the Wednesday/Thursday mark, you are now on the right track.  We have entered your Sun Sign & things are roaring ahead for you.  Friday, the Tower card is in evidence.  Things are now starting to change, whether you want them to or not.  You are not in control now, the planets are.  Over the weekend, you are going to have to decide whether you embrace change or not & how far you're prepared to allow yourself to adapt to change.  Archangel Azrael can stand close to you this month.  He can help you through this process of evolution.  Do you surrender to him or do you not?

March 21 - April 20

I have both male & female energies showing this week, both are on the same wavelength, they both may look similar or have a similar vision for the way forwards.  Money looks as if it's going to be traded during the mid week mark.  It looks as if it will be coming to you.  Not a great deal mind, for it is only the Six, but.. better than a poke in the eye, I say!  Mid week onwards, you need to take control of yourself, don't be impulsive, don't be greedy & don't allow yourself to hold your head so high that you forget to look at what's in front of you.  I have the Fool card.  You seem oblivious to danger this week, you seem to believe that all is well & all will be well.  Surely, by now you've learnt your lesson?  & that lesson is not to believe all that you're told.  Friday, there is another male showing, this one has a position of seniority.  Archangel Chamuel can help you find new situations & also to repair ongoing issue too.

April 21 - May 21

You seem to be falling out with people, yet again!  Don't worry, we don't hold this against you for as we all know, Taurus is the sign of the Bull.  Bulls are not known for their tact, their delicacy nor their feelings towards others.  Some could liken you to a bully at times!  I have a dark haired or skinned male energy & it seems as if you could find yourself crossing swords with him.  We have the Three of Swords - loved ones separated, & we also have the Five of Cups, a card of grief.  Unfortunately, you cannot change your Sun Sign, you cannot change your genes & you cannot change your life destiny.  It does seem as if you have drawn the 'short straw' in life at times!  Never mind, head held high, for as one door in life closes, another opens!  With the Ace of Cups showing at the start of the weekend, embrace fresh starts, happy ones at that!  Archangel Gabriel will help you bring good conversation to the table amongst friends.

May 22 - June 21

You are still facing extreme restriction, there is a situation of stale mate.  You cannot move forwards until others take action.  You have been so patient, you have tried so hard to get your life on track, to really, dare I say, set you up for life!  Archangel Jophiel has been around & has guided you into focusing on your Higher Self, to focus on what matters to you & what makes you happy.  Now, it seems as if all your hard work as been for nowt.  Thursday, pick yourself up, I know, yet again.  Life is so much better than it was this time last year, so don't allow yourself to wallow any more.  Wipe the tears of frustration away.  Life is always on the move.  Saturday, a male energy will be at the forefront of your mind.  He is good with money, he could have a business link too!  The Hermit - you need to think long & hard over the coming week, to decide what direction you really do want your life to go.  A very important time ahead.

June 22 - July 22

Just the two of us... are you sure?  It seems as if your mind is on partnerships, ones that aren't really working out for you.  They might be happy but you don't seem to be.  It seems to be a long, arduous road with this person & it seems as if you're having a crisis of faith.   Will things right themselves, can you see a long term future?  If not then why not?  Until you take the time to consider  questions to these answers, then you're not going to be any further forwards.  Archangel Raphael wants you to focus on yourself, on your happiness, your health & what works for you.  Make no sudden change, no sudden decision for I have the Moon - leave any changes until after the 20th March.  Rest, relax, focus on bringing serenity to your life.  It is true that you can't see your life continuing in the vein it has been, especially where this partnership is concerned.  Take a step back, there might be a way forwards but then again there might not be.

July 23 - August 23

This is an emotionally draining week for the Lion & from Monday onwards it seems as if you're struggling to get a grip of a certain situation.  I have the Ten of Pentacles showing, & that means that there is a large sum of money that's on your mind.  Are you thinking of making a rather large financial outlay?  Mid week, it seems as if the balance is tipped towards the negatives.  There is something that is just not quite sitting right.  You don't seem to be able to put your finger on it at the moment, but for sure, something is just not right.   Moving closer to the weekend, you are going to be feeling as if someone has cheated on you or misled you in some way.  It does have some bearing on your own, personal happiness.  Could be with a partner, or a friend but whatever the reason, your overall happiness seems to be slightly tarnished.  Archangel Chamuel can help you find the answers that you so badly need to be given.

August 24 - September 22

There have to be some discussions at the start of this week & it does involve money.  I'd tap into Archangel Gabriel sooner rather than later, for I feel you need to broker a deal sooner rather than later.  Once you have sorted this situation out, then you will be free to walk away from it entirely.  You will have done your bit, paid your dues & can get on with your life without regret.  You are also embarking on a learning curve in your life.  Every so often, we have various tasks to perform & this is one for you to take on, to rise to the challenge.  Thursday, you feel that something more needs to be said.  You want to clear the air, you need to make certain people fully aware of your thoughts.  I hope you have asked Archangel Gabriel to stand close for the entirety of this week!  Over the weekend, I have a male energy, he could have an overseas link.  Possibly some business interests.  I'd be mindful of what you say on Sunday.

September 23 - October 23

You are chained to certain situations but with the Justice card showing, I wouldn't be too over emotional about things.  It seems as if things are getting sorted in the background.  Not everything has to be passed by you, you know!  In time, things do change & move forwards, so just be patient, play the waiting game, as I advised you last week.  Wednesday, the Sun card!  A lovely, positive card which is always a good omen.  It doesn't matter where it sits in the spread, it's always good!  Towards the end of the week, you're going to be left dangling, yet again!  What are others going to do next?  For what they do really has a knock on affect on your life!  I have a male energy showing over the weekend.  He is keen to put some real effort into situations.  He is generally hard working & he is dependable.   Do nothing, just watch, wait & see what happens over the next couple of weeks or so.  Just put your problems on the back burner.

October 24 - November 22

You are going to have to deal with situations whether you want to or not.  The ball is in your court, it seems as if others are not that interested in approaching you, you are the one who is going to have to make an effort.  I have the Four of Wands showing mid week - this could be the home or it could be a close, emotional relationship.  Usually considered as a positive card but standing next to the Ace of Swords, like it is, then that shows that this is where you need to divert your attention..  Thursday, I have a fair haired/skinned female energy.  She is someone who is practical & is very good at offering advice.  You seem to want to have a chat with her.  With the Two of Cups showing, she is part of your Spiritual Family.  You have an etheric bond, that there is no denying.  Archangel Gabriel can help you say what you need to say to her.  Without his help, you are unlikely to be able to get your point across.  He can help you if you ask.

November 23 - December 21

With the Strength card showing at the start of this week, this shows that you are in a much stronger position that you had believed.  But, just remember, pride does come before fall, so, just bear that in mind for the future.  Tuesday, I have a female energy.  Showing as Pentacles, money &/or career is her motivator.  Thursday, we have the Wheel of Fortune & that means that your life is now in the process of change.  You cannot stop this change for the wheel is now moving.  What was night will be day, what was right will now be wrong.  Your life is going to go in the very opposite of how you had expected.  Friday, you're going to be trying to keep hold of everything.  You don't want change, you want to bring change when you're ready.  But, the Universe is in charge now, you don't have a choice.  You do.  You can go with the flow or you can try to buck the trend.  Over the weekend, decisions will have to be made.

December 22 - January 20

Money is not ticking all the right boxes at the moment.  Whether it is that you have plenty but it's not making you happy, or whether it is a fundamental shortfall.  Tuesday, a day of gloom for you, I'm afraid.  Never mind, at times we need to come crashing down in order to bounce back up again.  One thing for certain though, is that you're seeing your world through different glasses & that means that clarity is all yours!  Things need to change.  Mid week, I have a male energy, one who has good business sense.  Maybe it's a work or a business situation that needs revising.  You can see the positives, you can see the negatives & your head tells you to do nothing.  Over the weekend, your heart wants you to crack on & make change.  The Chariot - out of control emotions.  Ask Archangel Raphael to calm you down, to make you less impulsive.  Act in haste nest week & you could find yourself repenting for quite some time to come.

January 21 - February 18

Your life is now moving into a new chapter.  We have left your Sun Sign & now you're on your own, so to speak.  Yes, it's true, life does move in odd directions sometimes & this week you're going to have to accept.  This is a difficult lesson for you, for you do like to be in charge, in control.  The one who has all the answers to everything, held close to your heart.  You will give what you want to give, in dribs & drabs, when & if it suits!  Mid week, your focus is in travel, may be someone is going way for immediately afterwards I have a card of potential sadness.  Why?  I get a feeling of a tinge of envy, or jealousy!  Has someone got a lifestyle that you covet?  Are you wanting to move overseas or to take a holiday?  Archangel Jophiel wants you to follow your own dreams.  What makes one person happy with make another person sad or angry!  Focus on yourself, your deepest wishes & desires - could they be a reality???


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Some Feedback -

Hi Laura, Firstly can I say that I have been following your weekly horoscope and it amazes me after so many months how accurate it is. Sushila - 25.1.17

Message: Hi Laura, first of all, want to thank you for the tarotscope, I enjoyed it for many months, be bold, be specific even it may not fit everyone, most of other readers just goes on about nothing and nothing, wasting everyone's time to even read about the nonsense that anyone can do. We don't want that from you, because you ARE simply the BEST out there, not one of the best..... we look forward for your insights every week, thank you thank you and thank you :) Hope you post on time tomorrow, best wishes xx Mia - 11.12.16

Thank you very much, and I'll have you know that I read your horoscope prediction weekly.  Obliged. Louis 9.12.16

Message: Hello Laura, I hope u can help me, I read ur tarot scopes there very accurate....I just look to see if loves comming my way, kind regards maria 10.10.16


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