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 Weekly Tarotscope by LAURA BOYLE - starting starting Monday 18th September, 2017

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Life is a series of twists & turns!  Sometimes we have to just 'go with the flow!'  xxx

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Weekly Tarotscope by LAURA BOYLE -
starting starting Monday 18th September, 2017

August 24 - September 22

You are about to lose the moment, for we are about going to be departing from your Sun Sign this week.  You have sat on the fence, waiting & watching.  What are others going to do next?  Once they make a move then you too can make one.  One together or you to move in a different direction.  You have decisions & only you can decide.  Listen to your inner voice, ask Archangel Raziel to explain to you what spiritual lesson it is that you need to learn in order to progress with your life.   You seem to want to throw in the towel, life has not been easy for the Virgin but is that really an option?  Will that sit comfortably with you for the next eleven months?  No, I didn't think so.  You have a puzzle to sort out & it is with a partnership of sorts.  Could be a family connection, a good friend, even a business partner.  Over the weekend, you will have a clearer understanding but are you brave enough to face situations head on?  Up to you!

September 23 - October 23

A sense of loss, of grief even.  It seems as if much has been going on in your life & for the time being, situations are not going your way.  Accept this, accept that maybe people will have to be cut out of your life, some even maybe for good.  But.. I do have the Star showing & this tells me that this sense of loss will be temporary, for things will come to light, where you will thank your lucky stars that things have moved the way that they have.  Sometimes you have to have trust, trust that justice will be done.  That the Universe needed time to show you all in true glory!  Accept limitations, you will still feel chained to situations that make you uncomfortable but we are now, this week, moving into your Sun Sign.  Things will be very different.  We have celebrations over the weekend.  Archangel Jophiel wants you to enjoy yourself.  You have had a very trying time of late & now you have entered a period of rebirth & renewal.

October 24 - November 22

You want a fresh start, you don't want any baggage holding you back.  I get the feeling that it is mental baggage.  There is a person, someone who is very close to your heart, but they are not around you in person, but their energy is definitely around.  You wish to wipe the slate clean, you wish to have this person back.  To welcome them with open arms & to have a fresh start.  The Ace of Cups - happy new beginnings.  But.... I do have the Fool card showing around the Thursday mark.  Are you certain that you will be able to have & to keep a happy balance with this person?  Has too much been said, too much happened?  Hummm.  Well, the Fool card advises that you are not foolish.  Are you foolish for not taking the opportunity of brokering fresh starts?  Or are you foolish to believe that change is possible?  Over the weekend, Archangel Raphael wants you to rest, to sit back & decide what you are going to do about this.

November 23 - December 21

Strength!  Archangel Michael is all around you & all of your dealings this coming week ahead.  I have the Ten of Cups - this is a card of joy, of happiness, or personal fulfilment.  For some,  new relationships or new opportunities will present themselves.  Ones that maybe you could have only dreamt of previously!  Wednesday, there is a female energy in your spread, she lives by her wit & she listens to her Guides.  She offers good counsel if asked & is trustworthy, almost to a fault!  Friday, you are going to have to decide what you are going to do.  You are going to have to make a decision which will take your life in a different direction, that is, if you are brave enough.  Archangel Michael is standing close & he will help you to overcome whatever adversity may come your way over the next few weeks.  Whatever you decide to do, your decision will be well received.  Use this time to do what suits you best please.

December 22 - January 20

The Ace of Swords.  There is now nowhere to hide.  You are going to have to face situations, ones that you had hoped would disappear.  They have not & now you are going to have to face people & situations that you have made contentious.  Do you try to smooth the waters?  You can see the positives & you can see the negatives but at the end of the day, it seems as if you need the goodwill of others, someone who once was an ally, to get out of this hole that you have dug.  Friday, you want to press on ahead.  You want to get rid of difficulties but now this might not be as easy as previously thought.  I have a male energy showing & he is one whose character is of balance.  He quite often has a legal career for he is good as a mediator.  From these cards, I get the feeling that he is against you rather than for you.  You are going to have to ask Archangel Haniel to stand close.  Questions will be asked & you will have to give answers.

January 21 - February 18

Well, a situation has now come to close.  I have the Death card you see.  It is not a card to be worried about for all it means is that there is change.  The plants die down in the winter but in the spring, they can't wait to show their fresh, new, green shoots to the world!  You are going to have to put an awful lot of effort into getting your life back on track.  Hard work for I have the Ace of Wands.  Thursday your focus will be on your finances - large sums of them.  Are you planning of selling something or making a large purchase?  This week, the scales will have been lifted & you are going to have to make  some decisions that you had put on ice.  The ice is melting rapidly & you will be left in a pool of water unless you start to act.  Emotions will be very unbalanced from the weekend onwards.  Archangel Jeremiel wants you to let go of the old for it is now past it's sell by date.  You have to consider your finances & your work too.

February 19 - March 20

Changes in a work or structured environment.  New people around you & you are going to be learning how to live your life differently, to do things differently too!  Archangel Michael will be around you, to help you when you find the going getting tough.  It will at times, but that is what we need in order to progress in life & in spirit too.  Mid week, I have a male energy showing.  He could well have a financial link to you, or he might be a boss or immediate superior.  There will be legal contract, there will be the start of financial dealings possibly too.  It would be a good idea for you to consult with Archangel Uriel again this week, for he can help you to decide what works best for you.  It seems as if you believe that there is an element of restriction & this man seems to be part of the issue.  It might be worth having a chat with Archangel Gabriel this weekend, for he can help you to say what needs to be said - fairly soon....

March 21 - April 20

Archangel Gabriel, where are you?  Ask him to stand by from Monday onwards for there are likely to be disagreements, unpleasant discussions & things that need to be brushed from under the carpet.  I have a kindly male energy around you on Tuesday.  He seems to have your best interest at heart, he wants to help you.  But does he?  On one hand, you feel that you have put an awful lot of hard work & effort into getting your life where it is today but then, it seems as if there is an element of doubt that has been creeping in.  I have the Tower card showing as we move closer to the weekend.  The seed is now growing at an incredible rate & by the time we get to the close of this week you will feel as if you have been the victim of unfair dealings.  Someone has pulled the wool over your eyes which is not a good look for the Ram.  The damage has been done.  Embrace change, don't look back, just look straight ahead.

April 21 - May 21

Money - discussions to do with the stuff.  You would very much like to discuss this situation with another.  Someone who is very much on  the same wave length as yourself.  They are or have been in a similar situation, they 'get you', they can piece together what you seem unable to do at the moment.  By Wednesday you will find yourself wishing that you had done things differently.  That they were around to help you to decide what to do next.  But, as you are only too aware, this is wishful thinking.  Friday, I have a female energy showing.  She is a good business woman & she could give you some very good advice regarding your own financial dealings.  Well, she is not around so you are going to have to deal with your lot in a different way.  Archangel Gabriel can help with the financial discussions & Archangel Raphael can help sooth difficulties.  By Sunday, you will be feeling an awful lot better.  Fingers crossed & all that!

May 22 - June 21

There are two male energies showing in your spread at the start of this week & as they are side by side, I am talking about a particular situation that you find yourself in, where there are two men involved.  Two bosses?  Two lovers?  Two brothers?  Well, you have to consider your options, not theirs.  You have several plans that you would like to explore further & it might mean that you  have to put yourself first & if they are not entirely happy, then so be it.  There is very little loyalty in life, & we have all been 'taken for a ride' with our own particular loyalty.  Maybe being loyal to a job, a friend, a lover....  You have options, ask Archangel Chamuel to help you to seek them out.  He can also help you find ways forwards that can be a good compromise for all concerned.  Over the weekend, you will be wondering whether or not you wish to compromise... or not.  Your thoughts are away, in the distance, you can't help but to dream, you know!

June 22 - July 22

Money is coming to you for a change!  That is always nice, but don't get too excited for I don't think that it is really enough, when you sit back & give your current situation due care & consideration.  I have a male energy, he is impulsive & he seems to be the one who is holding the purse strings.  If you are not careful, you could find yourself making some quite serious life changes without analyzing things.  I get the feeling that this week may well be a false dawn for the Crab.  I have the Wheel of Fortune showing.  Are your fortunes really changing or is this an illusion?  The Moon is often considered a card of illusion, for the baying hounds below can only see one side of the Moon, or one side of the situation or story.  You need to hold back, you need to ask Archangel Sandalphon to allocate you a Spirit Guide to help you through this.  Give this man enough rope to hang himself, keep a note of things & read them back mid October.

July 23 - August 23

You seem to be more in balance this week which is a good thing.  You have been through a difficult time & there is a female energy who has not made your life easy either.  She is someone with whom you may well have had words with, for she is a difficult character to deal with if things are not going her way.  Wednesday, you will have decided to walk away from situations, for you are fed up with the constant friction.  Okay, all well & good but now you must face facts.  What are you going to do next?  What direction do you wish your life to take?  It might take awhile for you to get things totally on track, but you have to ask yourself which direction do you wish to go in next.  Maybe a complete change is on the cards for you.  Maybe just a change of work or home or relationship is not enough any more.  Over the weekend emotions will be difficult to tame for Archangel Raziel wants you to learn about a complex character - You!!!

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Some Feedback -

t's for a Gemini friend that it relates to... Personally i won't ever request to have mine resent as I read them religiously lol. You're always spot on, you're the only tarot reader I read every week! Klaire xx 21.5.17

Message: I read your tarotscopes and you are always so SLOW posting them. Could you speed it up a little, people are waiting on you... Mark 2.4.17 -  Answer - At least someone reads them! lol xx

Hi Laura, Firstly can I say that I have been following your weekly horoscope and it amazes me after so many months how accurate it is. Sushila - 25.1.17

Message: Hi Laura, first of all, want to thank you for the tarotscope, I enjoyed it for many months, be bold, be specific even it may not fit everyone, most of other readers just goes on about nothing and nothing, wasting everyone's time to even read about the nonsense that anyone can do. We don't want that from you, because you ARE simply the BEST out there, not one of the best..... we look forward for your insights every week, thank you thank you and thank you :) Hope you post on time tomorrow, best wishes xx Mia - 11.12.16

Thank you very much, and I'll have you know that I read your horoscope prediction weekly.  Obliged. Louis 9.12.16

Message: Hello Laura, I hope u can help me, I read ur tarot scopes there very accurate....I just look to see if loves comming my way, kind regards maria 10.10.16


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