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 Weekly Tarotscope by LAURA BOYLE - starting starting Monday 24th July 2017

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The Angels are around us each & every day, wanting the very best for us all.  Just connect with them! xxx

Weekly Tarotscope by LAURA BOYLE - starting Monday 24th July 2017

July 23 - August 23

We have now entered your very own Sun Sign & for the next four weeks, you need to make hay whilst the sun shines.  This is not a time for you to sit back & wait & see, it is a time for you to make changes to your life, which will come to fruition throughout the next eleven months from now.  You are in a strong position at the moment, there is legal paperwork & financial dealings going on for you at the moment.  Archangel Michael is standing strong & he is making you face up to situations that ordinarily you would procrastinate over.  Mid week, there is a rather dynamic male energy.  He can make promises that he can't keep so you do need to be going into situations with your eyes wide open.  Friday, there will be a sense of loss, of grieving but that needed to happen for you to start to bring about some balance into your life.  This balance seems to have been difficult to achieve over the past year.  Now things can change.

August 24 - September 22

Overseas travel, an overseas connection is showing in your spread this week.  Some of you will be booking last minute trips too!  Tuesday, there needs to be some consultation with another & the subject is to do with money.  It is in connection to do with a female energy & if things are not handled in the right way, all Hell could break loose!  She is not in a mood for negotiation, she seems to have an air of entitlement.  That is all well & good but where does that leave you?  Do you allow yourself to be bullied emotionally by this female?  Archangel Gabriel can help you with the communication that does need to be had this week.  There is a financial shortfall where you're concerned & maybe, just maybe this week is the time to stand your ground & to stand up for yourself!  Over the weekend, the Star is showing.  You cannot allow yourself to be pushed around any longer.  If you don't stand your ground now then it will come back to bite you.

September 23 - October 23

Money, dealings with a large or lump sum is where you are at the moment.  You feel like turning your back on situations for it does seem to be one step forwards another step or two backwards.  This is so draining but you are so nearly there.  Ask Archangel Michael to keep you strong, to stand alongside you, in all of your dealings.  Mid week, things are going to be more as you would wish but at the moment things are not as you would wish.  It seems as if you're in-between a rock & a hard place but there is a male energy who is working behind the scenes on your behalf.  He is diligent, he dots his i's & he crosses his t's.  He is steadfast & for you at the moment is a great ally to have.   There is going to be some discussion as to how to progress nearing the upcoming weekend.  Archangel Raphael is close for he sees that you need to focus on yourself, on your health & physical & mental health & well being.  Life's been tough.

October 24 - November 22

The Sun - what a super card for you to have in your spread.  But, there is something that's marring your happiness.  Someone is not in your life, there is someone who is not around to share your good news & your good fortune.  There are tears around this situation & your hands are tied.  But are they?  Maybe all you have to do is to reach out, to say sorry to those whom you have hurt, & maybe they will forgive & forget you know!  This person will be on your mind for much of this week & your indecision will get you nowhere.  You need to make amends, you need to reach out for nothing ventured there will be nothing gained.  Archangel Chamuel could help smooth the pathway but then it would mean that you have to climb down, you have to admit some responsibility for the status quo.  Over the weekend, you will feel that you just want to wipe the slate clean, to have a fresh start.  Is pride stopping you?

November 23 - December 21

You have to make a decision & it is a simple Yes or a No.  You have come to a stage in life where you have to make a decision & you are the only person that can make it.  Listen to your intuition, your gut feelings & touch base with Archangel Raziel.  He can help you to tap into your dreams, what it is that you really do want to achieve.  Wednesday, you will decide that you need to turn your back on a situation.  In order to do this, you will have to broker a meeting.  Nearing the weekend, I have a male energy, he is fair in hair &/or skin colouring.  He could well have an overseas connection or be in a different location to yourself.  Much of your weekend will be focused on this man.  You will be wondering if you can make things work out for the long term.  There is a global link & it does seem as if there are hurdles which will need to be overcome in the not too distant future.  Listen please to your guardian angels this week.

December 22 - January 20

Someone that you once were very fond of is wanting to come back into your life.  The only problem is, is that when they left you were upset so, how do you know that they have changed?  Does a leopard really change its spots?  You have options.  You could turn this person down, you could let them back into your life very slowly & take things step by step, or you could welcome them with open arms!  What are you going to do?  Mid week, life is starting to come together for you once again.  You can see that you've made some headway.  Money is looking more positive for you too!  It seems as if you've got some spare funds to splash out & enjoy yourself!  Archangel Raphael will be around you over the weekend & so with Archangel Jophiel.  She wants you to focus on yourself & what makes you happy & Archangel Raphael wants to help you recharge your batteries for life is going to start to get pretty busy, pretty soon.

January 21 - February 18

Some of you will be on the cusp of starting new work or business ventures & it seems to be a very positive step in your life.  I have the Ten of Cups - literally interpreted as the most amount of happiness!  Mid week, your focus will have changed.  You will be considering your home, the bricks & the mortar & even the people who reside in it.  Something has to change, the shine has gone & you feel that it is not quite working out for you any longer.  Archangel Jeremiel is helping you to let go of your home life for everything, every situation & every person has a 'best by' date.  Change is on the cards but you would be wise not to get ahead of yourself.  It is good enough to acknowledge change & in order to bring this to a positive state, you need to take time.  If you rush ahead now, you will not have given yourself time to consider all of your options.  Act in haste & you will, my friend repent at leisure.  Take your time.        

February 19 - March 20

Emotions are all over the place at the start of this week.  In fact there are two major issues that are causing you to question things.  Just sit back & relax with Archangel Raphael's help.  If you can do that, then you will see that one situation will automatically resolve itself without you having to do anything!  Thursday could well be a difficult day for you.  Your focus will be on the 'other issue' & it really does depend on how you view your current situation as to what the outcome will be.  You cannot change the past so draw a firm line in the sand.  You can shape your future by focusing on the negatives or the positives.  Your choice.  Over the weekend, you will feel that the solution is to approach things differently.  There are always different dimensions to every problem.  With a Karmic Twin showing over the weekend, it tells me that there is still unfinished business that needs to be sorted out before you can finally walk away.

March 21 - April 20

Trying to keep all of the balls in the air.  Trying to please everyone but are you being true to yourself?  Are you yourself happy?  It seems as if you believe that the more you do, the more successful you will be.  This week, I want you to take a rein check, are you sure that you need to be doing so much?  Have a moment to consider what exactly it is that you wish to achieve & then double check that you are going in the right direction.  Sometimes in life, we get so immersed into a situation that we lose the thread of what we are trying to do or what the original plan was!  Thursday, there is a female energy, being the suit of Pentacles there is a financial or business link.  She could well burst your bubble for standing next to her is the Ten of Swords.  Being stabbed in the back.  Archangel Raphael will heal those wounds.  You needed to go through this week in order to move onto the next stage of your life - with the Wheel of Fortune.

April 21 - May 21

New beginnings, even the start of a love affair would be good but..... it seems as if you're still being held back for I have the Devil card showing.  You are chained to a situation or a person that is not really making you very happy.  You are tied to this for the wrong reason.  Maybe, in hindsight, you should never had got involved in the first place.  But there we go, no point crying over what's been done in the past.  Karma - that is why it is so important to understand that there is always a price to pay for every action - be it good or be it not so good.  Mid week, we have a celebration - great news.  Life suddenly for the rest of the week is going to be in a state of limbo.  Life will change direction, you will have to go with the flow, at least for the time being.  Over the weekend, you will be left hanging, in limbo.  What do you do next?  What is someone else going to do next?  Archangel Michael wants you to stand firm - hold your nerve.

May 22 - June 21

There are two male energies at the start of this week.  One could be a boss or in charge of situations, the other has your very best interests at heart.  They are both men of maturity but this week something is going to change.  The World means that a cycle of your life has come to completion.  The full circle so to speak.  Just go with this for there is nothing more that you can do.  Ease yourself gently from this situation into the next chapter.  Friday onwards, a female energy is present.  She is someone who is solid & dependable.  She is a hard worker & she likes to play hard too.  She is a good person to discuss what your options are & what direction you should go in next.  Saturday & Sunday we have the Tower.  Major, enforced change.  Don't waste time rehashing the past, let it go.  Accept that life moves on & people & situations have to be set free.  Archangel Chamuel wants you to consider positive changes to be made.

June 22 - July 22

What's wrong?  Somehow you are finding it difficult to pop a smile on your face this week.  You have a decision to make & maybe that's why your normal sunny self is struggling.  There are changes afoot & it is to do with a structured environment - could be work, could be a social set up.  It seems as if you feel that someone, & it is a male energy has not been quite as straight with you as he could have.  The thing is, do you listen to your intuition or do you try to brush things under the carpet?  In doing so, then the dust will still be there until you sweep it up.  You have to face your fears, it might not be what you want to believe but you do have to consider all of the evidence.  You also have to listen to your guardian angels for they want the very best for you.  Archangel Michael wants you to stand your ground & to stand proud.  You have to deal with this situation head on.  You aren't alone & you're not misreading the situation.


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