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The London School of Tarot Ltd was formulated at the beginning of September 2015 as a direct result of the number of Laura Boyle's clients who have enquired about learning Tarot.

Laura Boyle was guided by her own Spirit Guides & the Angels to take the opportunity of setting up this London School of Tarot in order to teach others how to read the sacred Tarot Cards with integrity, honesty & compassion.

There are far too many psychic Tarot readers out there, who prey on people's insecurities, their fears, their worries.... in fact everything negative, that any DECENT person, let alone reader would never dream of.  

In life things are in a state of constant flux - things never stay the same.  After the rain comes the sun & often, along with it.... a rainbow!  A wonderful, beautiful, perfectly formed arc of energy, for the colours of the rainbow are also the colours of the chakras, in exactly the very same order too!

Laura Boyle believes that when a client comes for a Tarot reading, that is exactly what they are wanting!  They are not asking for a psychic reading, or a clairvoyant reading as such, but of course, as we all know, those attributes come into play with any reading.

The Tarot cards tell a story, the cards have specific meanings & a reading will give you an indication of how a chapter of your life will develop.  Tarot cards are not a life reading, for in life, we have destiny & we can, with the aid of Tarot cards, give destiny 'a helping hand!'

You will learn to tell the story of someone's life as it has been in the recent past, the present & the future months ahead.  You will learn to read with integrity, with passion & to the very best of your ability.

Laura is a tough teacher, that there is no denying, for Tarot is her life passion, her calling in life & she will challenge you with every twist & turn that the cards can reveal, depending on where they are laid & which are the supporting cards that can change the meaning of a reading in a flash!

The London School of Tarot is not for the faint hearted!  Laura guarantees that you will learn Tarot with her & not only that, but within a few days can get you up to Professional Standard, where you could have the possibility of changing your entire career, if you desired!

All that Laura asks, is that you attend classes, are prepared to work hard & to practise at home.  You may well find your email inbox has some 'unexpected' homework for you to work on.....BUT.... if you want to be a good reader, you have to learn from one of the best in the business!  You will not be given manual to refer back to, & pen & paper are banned!  

From the moment you step into a class with Laura, you will start reading the cards - that is a promise!

When you decide that it is your time to learn to read that Tarot, you will have the opportunity of learning 3 levels depending on what you wish to get out of Tarot reading.

Level 1 Beginners - learning the meaning of the cards - reading for friends & family

Level 2 Intermediate - honing your reading skills - part time professional level

Level 3 Advanced - the knowledge to teach others & build up your own Tarot business


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