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WOMEN’S RADIO DAILY PODCASTS irreverent & honest interviews, life stories, conversations & debate.  Where women do the talking.
Radio Gorgeous is the brainchild of Josephine Pembroke. Radio Gorgeous has been created for bold, intelligent and vibrant women. You may listen on line, on your phone on on your tablet – anywhere anytime. On Radio Gorgeous you will only hear the female voice on air. Giving YOU a voice.

On Radio Gorgeous we give you a chance to really get to know the woman being interviewed and listen to their story.Radio Gorgeous website was launched in 2012.

Radio Gorgeous supports Women : Women support Radio Gorgeous.

Laura Boyle is thrilled to be associated with Radio Gorgeous!  A fantastic radio station which you can listen to on line, your phone, your tablet.  On the go or at home whilst relaxing.

This is a radio station run by women for women.  It is a vibrant platform for all women everywhere, & is accessible everywhere & anywhere!  All you need is an internet connection.

Laura was interviewed by Josephine Pembroke & Donna Freed for a Podcast going out on the 12th January, 2015.  This Podcast was a little bit about me, Laura Boyle, along with some predictions which listeners had sent in for me to answer.

"After some truly catty gossip about Stephen Hawking, his wives and the fact that you can be as smart as you like but a man is a man is a man, we look to the future with the help of Laura Boyle. The spiritual medium and tarot consultant reveals what’s next for Ruth and David in The Archers, Benedict Cumberbatch and the year ahead for Radio Gorgeous."



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