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Laura Boyle on Fubar Radio
"FUBAR Radio is throwing conventional radio out of the window"

LISTEN UP & We’ve listened to what radio is missing to bring you a revolution.

FUBAR is radio as it should be: uncensored talk, comedy, entertainment and music without the long boring commercial breaks.

FUBAR has the best presenters and comedians fronting shows you won’t hear anywhere else. It’s like hearing them live at a gig, or on post-watershed TV – but all coming from that shiny vibrating biscuit you keep in your pocket. Or the screen in front of you now.

Subscribe to FUBAR and you can listen on your desktop, laptop or mobile (via the iOS or Android app). All for less than a drink or a fancy coffee each month.


The emphasis is on a fresh blend of live, talk-based uncensored radio – comedy, sport, current affairs, with some great music thrown in. Our daily shows, regular weekly shows and one-off specials reach the parts that other stations can’t (or don’t dare) reach.

Laura Boyle was in the Fubar Studios with Olivia Lee, on the Olivia Lee Experience.

Laura had a fantastic, fun filled hour with Olivia Lee in the studios.  She gave Olivia & the listeners some information about herself, the differences between being a medium & a tarot reader & some other spiritual info.  During the show, she gave some mini readings to listeners phoning in.  A great show, a great vibe!  Keep up the good work - I can't wait to be invited back to the studio again!





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