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Laura Boyle on BT Sport

The BAKER & KELLY VSPO show on BT Sport!

Laura Boyle  was a regular guest on the Baker & Kelly VSPO show on BT Sport hailed as the resident psychic.  This was a much anticipated show, covering the football features as the football season commenced in Septembert 2013.

Laura Boyle was a weekly fixture every Friday night until the beginning of January, 2014.

To see the two Danny's in action, you had to tune into the show is on FRIDAY night LIVE on BT Sport

Laura Boyle & Danny Baker (courtesy of BT Sport Library)
Laura had a fantastic time as the guest psychic on the Baker Kelly VSPO show, which was broadcast live every Friday evening between 6 - 7pm on the new BT Sport Channel.

During the shows she appeared on, continuously From September 2013 - January 2014, with a few other appearances thereafter, she read from a wide range of Tarot Cards.  She also used her pendulum  & on a couple of shows read the tea leaves.

A fantastic experience for Laura Boyle & it is interesting to see how many of her predictions came to pass........





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