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What is Karma?

Much has been written about Karma & much has been spoken about Karma.  But..... in a nutshell -

Karma is primarily a Hindu belief which was accepted by the Buddhist faith as a way of life.

Karma is simply the Universal Law of Cause & Effect.

Karma can be likened to a bank balance.  You have two columns the debit column & the credit column.  The debit column in this case being the column of wrong deeds, the credit column being the column of good deeds.

Karma is carried on through lifetimes & when we ‘pass over’ we regroup in Heaven with our peer group.  Our peer group will contain people we love, our friends, our family, our lovers, people we dislike, even people we hate!

All the people with whom we have had a close connection with in this life time is someone with whom we have Karmic linage.

All these meaningful people in life, for better or for worse are in it for a reason - Karma.  There is unfinished business with each of these connections.  There are things which need to be worked through & as I am sure you have gathered by now, as soon as you reach the end of one particularly arduous time in your life another one is just around the corner! This is just Karma!

Life is, my friend, a series of obstacles & hurdles for you to work your way through.  You are on a treadmill, going round & round.  Sometimes life can’t be better, sometimes you feel it can’t get any worse but one thing is for certain, nothing stands still, everything is in a state of flux - that is the meaning of Karma.

Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion states: "For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction."

If you can imagine yourself back at school, in the class where formal education began.  The classes where you were given a different coloured book for each subject, the ones with the huge line spaces, the books in which you would practice over & over again how to form your letters correctly.

You probably even sat at tables painted different colours – some sat at the yellow table, some at the green table, others at the blue table & so on.  And at these tables you would sit with the same people, day in, day out.  After your morning break, after lunch, after play time you would all regroup at your various coloured tables.  Well Karma is like that!  

When we pass over, we rejoin our ‘group’ again.  We re-connect with our loved ones, our parents, our siblings, our lovers, our pets etc.  We forget all the petty arguments & problems on Earth, as on Earth we were role playing.  We review our times together on Earth & analyse various situations we were in together.   We also consider whether we could have handled situations differently. 

We may even decide to reincarnate again to resolve issues which were left unresolved.........

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Laura Boyle - London Psychic, London Clairvoyant, London Tarot


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