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Weight Loss Tips  - 

Weight Loss Tips to help you lose weight include -

Which Diet?

A crash diet is not the answer
A diet where you don’t eat solid food is not the answer
A diet where you gorge yourself on a particular type of food is not the answer
A diet where you cut out certain foods such as carbohydrates is not the answer
A diet where you drink meal replacements is not the answer
A diet where you deny yourself all your favourite foods is not the answer
A diet where you take laxatives is not the answer
A diet of salad is not the answer


The simple answer is that the above methods are unsustainable over time
They only work in the short term
Eventually your body will rebel & you will return to your pre-diet weight
You may well find it difficult to lose weight in the future as your metabolism will have been affected by what is termed ‘yo yo’ dieting

What are the alternatives?

There are only two options available to you for losing & maintaining weight

Surgical alternatives -

Liposuction, gastric band or gastric by pass

Healthy lifestyle alternatives –

Eat less ‘junk’ food & eat more fruit & vegetables balanced with meat/fish/tofu
Eat 3 balanced meals a day
Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day – UK government guidelines

How hypnotherapy can help you –

Hypnotherapy will help you reduce your weight
Hypnotherapy will help you change your eating patterns
Hypnotherapy will help you eat in moderation
Hypnotherapy will help you maintain your weight loss
Hypnotherapy will help you maintain your ideal weight
Hypnotherapy will help you become more active
Hypnotherapy will help you avoid illness linked with being overweight
Hypnotherapy will reduce many food cravings

Some weight loss tricks which may assist include –

Drink at least 2 litres of water every day
Drink a glass of water before your meal
Try not to snack inbetween meals so ensure you eat properly at mealtimes
Put your knife & fork down inbetween bites
Try to eat slower – it is not a race!
Leave something, however small at the end of each meal
Don’t pick at other people’s food
You don’t have to clear your plate!
Don’t have seconds

When buying foods look for –

Check the fat content
Check the sugar content
Don’t buy low fat options
Try & buy as natural as possible
Buy lots of fruit, nuts etc to snack on
Buy butter rather than margarine or spreads
Season with lemon, olive oil, pepper, herbs & spices
Use olive & other quality oils
Avoid  fizzy drinks – cola, lemonade etc
Avoid alcohol especially white wine, beer, cider, alcohol pops
Avoid two for one deals – do you really need that extra food?
Don’t buy a tin of biscuits – buy a small packet
Don’t buy a box of chocolates – buy a small bar of something nice

Other tips –

Try not to weigh yourself – you will feel the difference
Start body brushing to increase circulation
Have saunas to release toxins
Increase your exercise routine
Look at having a complete makeover
Start dressing for a thin person, not a fat person

A very nasty food experiment

Buy some meat, mince is good! & cook it in the microwave for 5 minutes.  It will be absolutely swimming in fat….fat which you really do not want in your body!

Always remember, it is better to go for quality rather than quantity.  Just keep that in mind.

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