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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss is a tried & tested method of losing weight safely & easily. offer two different programs of hypnotherapy weight loss depending on whereabouts you are located.

Hypnotherapy weight loss as a personal consultation, costing £150 or hypnotherapy weight loss via a recorded  computer download, costing £15.00 (was £35)

"Thank you for your hypnotherapy download, it's doing wonders, Many Thanks". M S 16.6.15

If you are in the London area hypnotherapy weight loss can be via a personal consultation which will last for approximately 1½ hours.

Before you undergo your hypnotherapy weight loss session, you will have an indepth discussion with myself to discuss your general eating habits.  We will discuss what you tend to eat, when you tend to eat, what sort of foods you are drawn to along with  any health & lifestyle issues you may have.

The benefit of this type of hypnotherapy weight loss is that we can focus on your personal problem areas be it non-stop snacking, eating chocolate, eating biscuits at night etc.  We also spend awhile discussing your exercise habits.

Hypnotherapy weight loss is not a diet in the common sense of the word.  Hypnotherapy weight loss by myself, Laura Boyle focuses on eating plenty of good quality food which contains a high nutritional content.  It is a lifestyle change – a change for the better!!!

Hypnotherapy weight loss focuses on flushing out toxins naturally through the avocation of drinking lots of water, eating plenty of fruit & vegetables & combining this with ingesting sensible amounts of protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, tofu, nuts etc) & carbohydrate (vegetables, fruit, whole meal bread, pulses etc).

Hypnotherapy weight loss encourages you to take a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily be it walking to the shops to doing a full on gym session.  

As you progress on my hypnotherapy weight loss program, you will find that your old habits are slipping away, day by day & being replaced with new, healthy habits.

You will be given a hypnotherapy weight loss CD to listen to after your personal hypnotherapy weight loss session.  It is important that you listen to this on a daily basis for 28 days after your personal consultation.  This will help reinforce your new, healthy regime firmly in your mind.  
As your resolve to get slimmer & fitter gets stronger each day by listening to your hypnotherapy weight loss CD, your level of fitness will improve & you will find yourself wanting to do more as you will be able to do more!  The ‘clean’ foods which you will be programmed to eat out of choice by listening to your hypnotherapy weight loss CD will increase your energy & stamina.

Your metabolism will increase & as a result you will find weight dropping off at a sensible rate.  The exercise will help tone up your body & within a very short space of time you & the world will see a new you thanks to your hypnotherapy weight loss program devised by Laura Boyle.

After you have discarded your hypnotherapy weight loss CD you will continue losing weight as you will have learnt a completely new way of managing your daily food intake & exercise routine.  

If you find your old habits are starting to creep back into your eating routine then just start listening to your hypnotherapy weight loss CD & you will find your eating & exercise habits start changing again – as if by magic!

Forget expensive pills, cellulite lotions, expensive spa days.  All you need is to listen to my hypnotherapy weight loss CD & you will lose weight!

If you are not able to come for a personal hypnotherapy weight loss consultation then why not purchase my hypnotherapy weight loss program available as a CD or as a computer download.  This will have the same desired effect as the personal hypnotherapy weight loss program without the one-to-one consultation.

To purchase your own hypnotherapy weight loss program available as a  computer download  click here for more info

Important Notice

Due to the extreme level of relaxation induced by my personal hypnotherapy weight loss CDs or computer downloads. any recording supplied to the Subject must never be listened to whilst driving or riding a vehicle or whilst operating machinery

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Available sent to you as a download with a 27 page e booklet £15.00 (was £35)

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Laura Boyle Master Curative Hypnotherapist based in Acton & in Harley Street.  Over 10 years successfully helping clients lose weight in London


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