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To cut down or to give up?
If you have a nicotine addiction cutting down will not make you a non smoker
If you cut down then you will continue to be a smoker

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance & needs to be completely eradicated from your body for you to become & stay a non smoker

What are the alternatives?

The alternatives -
To use snuff (snorting nicotine)
Nicotine patches
Nicotine gum
Smoking placebo substances

How hypnotherapy can help you?
Hypnotherapy will help you stop smoking

Hypnotherapy will help you maintain your weight
Hypnotherapy will help reduce nicotine cravings
Hypnotherapy will help you avoid illness linked with being a smoker
Hypnotherapy will help you to become healthier

Some tricks which may assist you becoming a non smoker include –
Drink at least 2 litres of water every day
Drink a glass of water before your meals
Drink a glass or water before reaching for a snack
Avoid excess salt
Avoid excess sugar
Eat lots of fruit & vegetables
Don’t snack on sweets
Don’t snack on ‘junk food’
Change your daily routine
Take your phone calls in a different room
End your meal with a piece of fruit

Other tips include –
Start body brushing to increase circulation
Have saunas to release toxins
Increase your exercise routine
Take some good quality supplements (consult your pharmacist)
Look at having a complete makeover
Get your teeth professionally cleaned &/or whitened

Important Notice

Due to the extreme level of relaxation induced by my personal hypnotherapy weight loss CDs or computer downloads. any recording supplied to the Subject must never be listened to whilst driving or riding a vehicle or whilst operating machinery

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