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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy -

Quit Smoking Hypnosis is a tried & tested method of giving up smoking safely & easily.

I offer two different programs of Quit Smoking Hypnosis depending on whereabouts you are located.   Quit smoking hypnosis as a personal consultation (£150) or quit smoking hypnosis via a recorded CD or computer download. (£15.00)

Laura Boyle Master Curative Hypnotherapy Therapist will enable you to stop (quit) smoking through Hypnosis.  You will gain very little if any weight and often one session is enough with Laura Boyle Master Curative Hypnotherapist

"Thank you for your hypnotherapy download, it's doing wonders, Many Thanks". M S 16.6.12

If you are in the London area quit smoking hypnosis can be via a personal consultation which will last for approximately 1½ hours.   

Before you undergo your quit smoking hypnosis session, you will have an indepth discussion with myself to discuss your general smoking habits.  In your quit smoking hypnosis session, we will discuss when you tend to smoke, what you tend to smoke & any health & lifestyle issues you may have.

We will discuss during your quit smoking hypnosis consultation why you started smoking in the first place & more importantly, why you wish to stop taking in nicotine by smoking cigarettes.

Being an ex-smoker myself, I am fully aware of the implications of putting on weight when giving up smoking.  This is a natural process as your body is adjusting to new tastes & flavours.  

You may well find that you are at a loss as to know what to do with your hands.  Your best friend, the one who comes out of a box at times of stress, the great comforter who helps you relax, the friend who goes so well with a cup of tea or glass of wine….

The obvious solution to this problem is to snack on ‘finger foods’ - biscuits, cakes, sweets, crisps etc but….. all of these foods are laden with fat & sugar & although they will in the short term make you feel better, in the long term they are a disaster!

Many many people turn their back on being a non smoker as they cannot face life being a fatty!

The good news is that my Quit Smoking Hypnosis program not only takes the hard work out of giving up smoking but it also incorporates hypnotic suggestions to focus on eating plenty of good quality food which contains a high nutritional content.  It is a lifestyle change – a change for the better!!!

Quit smoking hypnosis focuses on flushing out toxins naturally through the avocation of drinking lots of water & eating additional fruit & vegetables.  This will not only curb your sweet tooth but will help replenish all the vitamins & minerals which your body is so badly lacking through being a smoker.

Quit smoking hypnosis also encourages you to take a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily to encourage the body to start cleaning & healing itself.  

You will be given a Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD to listen to after your personal quit smoking hypnosis session.  It is important that you listen to this on a daily basis for 28 days after your personal consultation.  This will help reinforce your new, healthy regime firmly in your mind.  

Your metabolism will stabilize & as a result your weight will stabilize too.  Within a short space of time you & the world will see a new you thanks to your Quit Smoking Hypnosis program devised by Laura Boyle.

If you find your old cravings returning whilst socialising or going through a particularly stressful patch in life then just start listening to your Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD & you will find your habits start changing again – as if by magic!

All you need is to listen to my Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD & you will lose the desire to smoke.  

Some people like to reinforce the Quit Smoking Hypnosis program by using nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gum etc.  I would advise against this as you will be allowing small amounts of nicotine to enter your system which in the long run will defeat the object of giving up smoking as you will still be ingesting nicotine.

It is also to be noted that the Quit Smoking Hypnosis program is not a treatment to cut down on smoking.  The Quit Smoking Hypnosis program is a program to help you stop smoking completely with minimal discomfort & with minimal if any cravings.  

If you smoke other substances other than tobacco, such as hashish, sheesha etc, then the Quit Smoking Hypnosis program will not work for you unless you are willing to give up smoking these other substances as part of the Quit Smoking Hypnosis program.

One session with me on the Quit Smoking Hypnosis program should be sufficient but sometimes a client may request additional sessions to overcome issues which led them to become a smoker in the first place such as acute stress, weight maintenance etc

If you are not able to come for a personal Quit Smoking Hypnosis consultation then why not purchase my Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD or computer download

To purchase your own hypnotherapy weight loss program available as a CD or as a computer download  click here for more info

Important Notice

Due to the extreme level of relaxation induced by my personal hypnotherapy weight loss CDs or computer downloads. any recording supplied to the Subject must never be listened to whilst driving or riding a vehicle or whilst operating machinery

Available sent to you as a download with a 27 page e booklet (was £35.00, now £15.00)

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Laura Boyle Master Curative Hypnotherapy Therapist will enable you to stop (quit) smoking through Hypnosis.  You will gain very little if any weight and often one session is enough with Laura Boyle Master Curative Hypnotherapist


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