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My hypnotic journey started many years ago I was a heavy smoker I had started smoking as a child at the age of 12 whilst at school.  Both my friends & I believed it made us look more grown up, more attractive, more sophisticated.  We tucked our packets of Players No. 6 or Woodbines into the pockets in the back of our jeans so the world could see we were smokers.  We belonged to that group of ‘cool’ people, lead by Mr Marlboro on his trusty steed - that advertisement made for Philip Morris, the Master of Manipulation.

By the time I had reached my early twenties, I was on at least 2 packets a day, even more on a good night out.  Every morning by chest felt tight, I had a very nasty cough & had a surplus of dark coloured phlegm which took an age to clear - reason being that the cigarette smoke paralyses the tiny hairs in the bronchial tree that keep out dust, pollution, grime etc.  The only way the bronchial tree can be cleared is by coughing up phlegm.  Research has shown that one minute of cigarette inhalation can paralyse these hairs for up to 24 hours!

Every morning I reached out for my cigarette packet & lighter whilst still in my dressing gown, downing the first cup of coffee of the day.  That first ‘hit’ of the day felt wonderful.  It didn’t matter that my hair & clothes smelt of stale smoke.  It didn’t matter that my house stank like an ashtray….

For the next ten years I continued on this path.  My teeth became more discoloured & my dentist lost the incentive to clean my teeth properly as he knew they’d be nicotine stained again within weeks.  I started to huff & puff whilst doing exercise & I came to the conclusion that smoking was starting to have a major impact on my body.

Many a morning I had woken up feeling sick from smoke inhalation & vowed to give up.  Some days I lasted ‘til lunchtime, other days I cracked by 10am.  Sometimes on the very rare occasion I would manage to stay nicotine free for 2 or 3 days. I believed I had mastered the demon smoke, I was in control of it, not it being in control of me.  How wrong I was.  Just one cigarette & I was back to square one again.  Within days I was right back to my 40+ a day habit, puffing away like a good un.

Over the years I tried everything from smoking foul tasting French Gauloise, smoking rollies, mint cigarettes, herbal cigarettes, Silk Cut Ultra Mild, Indian beedies, you name it, I tried it.  I tried Nicorette gum at great expense.  I ate mints until I was high on sugar.  Nothing worked until….I found hypnotherapy.

I booked my appointment with a female hypnotherapist in Chelsea.  I felt very nervous.  What would happen to me? Would I be put in a trance?  And when I awoke from this trance would I be in control of my actions & would I be normal again?  With my heart sinking, in great trepidation I boarded the bus down the King’s Road.  I felt as if I was going on a trip to have all my teeth extracted at once rather than a trip of positive expectations, relaxation & motivation to become & remain a non smoker.  

I found my worst fears to have been completely unfounded.  I lay back onto the treatment couch & closed my eyes.  I was told that I would be able to open my eyes at any time if I so wished, I would be fully aware of my environment & would be able to wake up at any time.  I was also told that this type of hypnosis is hypnotherapy, the difference being is that this type of hypnosis is a therapy rather than stage hypnosis whereby the hypnotist encourages the subject to act in a way which would be unnatural such as running around the room barking like a dog.

I ‘came to’, feeling very relaxed.  In fact I didn’t really believe anything had changed.  I just felt as if I’d been having a snooze for an hour.  I paid my money, thanked the lady & thought to myself ‘well that didn’t work’.

How wrong I was!  I met a hard drinking female friend in a bar in South Kensington.  We chugged our glasses of white wine for all we were worth, after all, you never know, the bar just might run out…..

By the end of the evening I was extremely drunk, the term tipsy would have been a gross understatement!  But… hey, not only had I not had one single puff of a cigarette but I had had absolutely no desire to either!  I had that night proved to myself that despite being in a highly intoxicated condition, whereby my resolve may well have been seriously weakened I had become a fully fledged non smoker!

I was given a tape to listen to every day which would help reinforce my resolve to stay & to remain a non smoker.   I was instructed to listen to this for at least 1 month.  It takes between 4-6 weeks to learn or to break a habit.  

My interest in the manipulation of the mind was ignited & I embarked on a course of Curative Hypnotherapy culminating in a Diploma  in April 2004.  As a result of this accreditation I am entitled to use the letters BSYA(CUR.Hyp).

Over the years I have used hypnosis to help numerous people overcome phobias, to conquer their fears, to achieve their objectives & more.  Fat people have become thin, smokers have become ex smokers, nervous wrecks have become more confident, people have found their perfect partners!

In June 2010 I launched my range of on-line hypnotic downloads which work in much the same way as if you come to see me for a one-to-one hypnotherapy session.  These have been recorded in a studio so are of excellent sound quality.  Literally by taking half an hour or so, every day for a month you will find your habits changing & you will start to achieve your goals.

These downloads are sent directly to your email address where you can then download them onto your computer or burn them onto a CD.  Whenever you feel your new habits are slipping, such as you start putting on weight, just start listening to the download again & you will find yourself back in control again..

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