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Confidence Hypnotherapy -

Confidence hypnotherapy is a tried & tested method of gaining confidence safely & easily.

I offer two different programs of Confidence hypnotherapy depending on whereabouts you are located.   Confidence hypnotherapy is as a personal consultation or Confidence hypnotherapy as a computer download, costing £15.00 (was £35)

If you are in the London area Confidence hypnotherapy can be via a personal consultation which will last for approximately 1½ hours & costs £150.00

"Thank you for your hypnotherapy download, it's doing wonders, Many Thanks". M S 16.6.15

Before you undergo your Confidence hypnotherapy session, you will have an indepth discussion with myself to discuss why you feel you are lacking confidence.  We will discuss any issues & situations which you may be already aware of which may have eroded your self confidence in the past.

We will discuss during your Confidence hypnotherapy consultation when you first noticed your lack of confidence & in your Confidence hypnotherapy session we will discuss the level of confidence you would like to have in the future.  

We will also discuss in detail during your Confidence hypnotherapy consultation in what areas you feel you would like to focus on now & in the future.

Depending on the personal issues, whether the lack of confidence is something that stems from childhood, whether it is being in an abusive  relationship at the present time – this will all have some bearing on how many sessions might be needed.

Initially I would advise one session of Confidence hypnotherapy on a one to one basis & then at the end of this I will give you a Confidence hypnotherapy CD to listen to after your personal Confidence hypnotherapy session.

It is most important that you listen to this Confidence hypnotherapy CD on a daily basis for 28 days after your personal consultation.  This will help reinforce your new thought patterns along with various ways of presenting yourself to the outside world which will, in turn help you develop your confidence.

If you find that you are beginning to have a crisis of faith, are starting to feel less confident, all you need to do is to start listening to your Confidence hypnotherapy CD & you will find you will start gaining in confidence again.

All you need is to listen to my Confidence hypnotherapy CD with Laura Boyle & you will start not only feeling more confident but others around you will notice a profound difference.  Suddenly you will be standing taller, smiling more – amongst other things!  You may even find you change your physical appearance as your confidence grows thanks to listening to my Confidence hypnotherapy program, with Laura Boyle.

One session with me on the Confidence hypnotherapy program should be sufficient but sometimes a client may request additional sessions to overcome deep seated issues which have never been faced in the past.

If you are not able to come for a personal Confidence hypnotherapy consultation then why not purchase my Confidence hypnotherapy computer download. click here for more info

Important Notice

Due to the extreme level of relaxation induced by my personal hypnotherapy  CDs or computer downloads. any recording supplied to the Subject must never be listened to whilst driving or riding a vehicle or whilst operating machinery

Available sent to you as a download with a 27 page e booklet £15.00 (was £35)

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Laura Boyle is a Master Curative Hypnotherapist who works with her clients to build up their confidence.  Based in Acton and in Harley Street.  Laura Boyle Hypnotherapy


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