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About Hypnotherapy -

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a therapy to completely relax the Subject, (Client) both in body and in mind.

Whilst the Subject is relaxed during hypnotherapy, the Hypnotherapist 'Reprograms' the Subject's 'Response' or 'Belief System' to certain stimuli.

Put simply, the Conscious Mind is the Rational Mind. Hypnotherapy orders the Subconscious Mind to react in a particular way depending on past experience

An example of hypnotherapy would be -

* A person, as a small child was knocked over by a large, black dog and although not hurt, the child was frightened and ran away.

* The child grows up into an adult but still retains a fear, an irrational fear, of big black dogs, and feels threatened, frightened and wants to run away.

* The Conscious Mind has 'decided' that all black dogs are basically 'bad news'. They will knock you over and frighten you.

* The Conscious Mind then files this information away, incorrectly as it happens, with the Subconscious Mind, giving the following instruction -All big black dogs are frightening, they will knock you over so upon encountering one, you will want to run away in fear.

The Hypnotherapist through hypnotherapy relaxes the Conscious Mind through talking in an even, repetitive voice, until the Subject during the hypnotherapy session goes from the Fully Conscious State - Beta Brain Wave into Alpha Brain Wave. When the Subject is very deeply relaxed they will enter Theta State, the brain wave where hypnotherapy & hypnosis is most effective.

During hypnotherapy, the Hypnotherapist closely observes the Subject, watching for changes in eye movement. When the Subject has reached a deep level of relaxation during the hypnotherapy session, the 'Power of Hypnotic Suggestion' will begin.

Hypnotherapy works as such - in the above example, during a hypnotherapy session, Laura would 'Regress' the Subject back to previous times in their life where they had had encounters with big, black dogs, using the Subject's ability of recall. This incidentally is exceptionally good under hypnosis. By being able to 'Replay' these scenarios during hypnotherapy it helps them, through appropriate hypnotic suggestions by the therapist, to understand that it was the size and exuberance of the dog that was frightening, and that there was really nothing to fear at all.

The result of hypnotherapy - the Subconscious is 'Talked To' by a different 'Rational Mind' the Hypnotherapist's as opposed to the Subject's Conscious (rational) Mind. The Hypnotherapist through hypnotherapy reinforces the belief that there really is nothing to fear with big black dogs and the problem is now resolved through hypnotherapy. The Subject should have no further problems with big black dogs after their hypnotherapy session.

Occasionally more than one hypnotherapy session is required, depending on the level of trauma the client has.  At the intial hypnotherapy session this will be discussed.

Common Misconceptions with Hypnotherapy

* You can hypnotise someone against their will (wrong -the Subject has to want to be hypnotised & want hypnotherapy)
* You can only hypnotise people of low intellect (wrong - hypnotherapy works better on people of a higher intellect!)
* You are asleep or in a trance when hypnotised (wrong - you are just very relaxed during hypnotherapy)
* You can be made to do things you don't want to (wrong - if a hypnotist told you to do something against your fundamental belief system, your Conscious Mind would reject the suggestion during the hypnotherapy session)
* I might not wake up (wrong, you can open your eyes, and 'come to' at anytime during a hypnotherapy session)
* What if I don't like the sensation? (you can awaken at any time during your hypnotherapy session)

Further Information

Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Confidence & Finding Your Perfect Partner can usually be done in 1hypnotherapy session as long as the Subject follows the Complete Hypnotherapy Program and listens to a CD (or computer download) given to them every day, for several days afterwards, preferably 28 days) & thereafter to be used as a Maintenance Program if required.

Cost £150 for one-to-one   £15.00 (was £35) for a hypnotic download click here for more information

"Thank you for your hypnotherapy download, it's doing wonders, Many Thanks". M S 16.6.12

Important Notice

Any hypnotherapy CD Recording or download supplied to the Subject must never be listened to whilst driving or riding a vehicle or whilst operating machinery.

Available sent to you as a download for £15.00 (was £35.00) to include a 27 page 'booklet'

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Laura Boyle is a Master Curative Hypnotherapist based in West London.  She specialises in weight loss, relationships, giving up smoking and phobias.  Laura Boyle Acton and Harley Street


These CD's/downloads are an extremely effecient way of reaching your goals, be it losing weight, giving up smoking, gaining confidence or attracting your ideal partner.  They are incredibly motivational & the only  prequisit to their use is that you have the desire to reach your goals & allocate approximately half an hour every day to listen to your hypnotic induction.  Your subconscious will do the rest!  It really is as simple as that.  


This is an extremely effective way to help you give up smoking.  This induction will focus on the health & asthetic issues surrounding the smoker, from the damage caused to the internal organs to the nicotine staining on teeth.   The more often the induction is listened to, the more likely the smoker is likely to become & remain a non smoker.  With the highly addictive nature of nicotine it is important that you have a strong desire to become a non smoker.  This will only work if you wish to give up completely.  It will not be effective if you wish only to cut down.  It is important to accept that fact that you can only be one of two things - a smoker or a non smoker.  It really is as simple as that.


One of the best & easiest ways to lose weight!  All you have to do is listen to the Weight Loss induction, every day & you will find your eating habits change as if by magic!  You will be programmed to avoid sweet, rich, stodgy foods & to replace them with healthy fruit, vegetables, lean meat, tofu etc.  Your mind will be reprogrammed so that you not only change what you eat but how you eat  too.  Not only that.... you will also find yourself being more active, walking more, doing more excercise etc which in turn will help you lose weight even quicker!


Whether it be public speaking, chatting to the opposite sex, going for 'that job', the Confidence induction will help you reach your goals.  You will suddently find yourself being more assertive (but in a nice way).  You may well find you change your style & your appearance & as you do so you will notice that you're attracting more positivity around you.  You find that people seem to like you better, opportunities suddenly come your way, your social life improves, you find yourself walking tall, smiling more, being more relaxed & in control of situations.  All you have to do is make time, every day to listen to me talking gently to your subconscious

RELATIONSHIPS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXWhat did I call it on the phone to you earlier?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx finding your partner? or something

You've tried the internet, you've tried the dating agencies, you've exhausted all your friend's friends... now what?  This excellent induction helps you pinpoint exactly what you are looking for in a relationship.  You don't focus on what you don't want, you focus on what you do.  You learn to to be more discerning, you learn to put yourself in the right place to meet Mr or Ms Right.  You learn not to waste time dating the wrong person, the person who will never shape up, however long & hard you try with them.  You will find your 'Soul Mate' drawn to you  just by listening to this  pheromone inducing induction.

What has been said about these inductions

"I am firing on all cylinders today & I think it's because of your hypno!" - Peter T

"The Confidence download was great, so clear, brilliant quality & very good value" Warren L

"I used to love my mum's home baked biscuits but I can only eat two at the most - she asked me if there was something wrong!" Sharron Z

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