Laura Boyle's E SHOP

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Laura Boyle has is often asked what are the best Tarot or Angel cards to use & where to purchase them.  As a result, Laura Boyle has decided to have a small on line shop, where clients may purchase these items direct from the website or when they come to see her for a reading.  Over the years, Laura has worked with many different Tarot and Angel card packs & has decided to stock ones that she feels are suitable for the beginner & the more experienced reader alike.  For cards click here

Likewise, Laura is often recommending books for her clients to read, so again has decided to hold a small stock of important, life changing books.  For books click here

CD's to change ones life, to alter one's thinking patterns, to meet your Spirit Guides is again something where Laura's opinion is often asked.  For CD's click here

To complete the small E Shop, Laura has added a small range of luxurious travel candles, which have a burning time of between 15-20 hours, made with essential oils, to suit your every mood!  For candles & crystal click here

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