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ANGEL WORK with Laura Boyle
Angel Work is when you are called to work with the Angels.  Laura has been listening to the Angels for a good many years but over the past couple of years she has been drawn closer to working with them.

Laura Boyle attended the Angel Intuitive Course™ & the Certified Angel Card Reader Course™ with Doreen Virtue™ & Radleigh Valentine in London, September, 2014.   

All Angel Work courses, therapies & readings are run solely by Laura Boyle, passing on the knowledge that has been imparted by Doreen Virtue™, as part of her life's mission, to spread the Messages of the Angels.

It is with Doreen & the Angel's blessings that the loving, supportive, healing messages of the Angels are passed down & shared with us on earth.  Doreen & the Angels have called Laura to them, to listen to their messages & to attend the courses with Doreen in order to pass this knowledge on to others.  

It is believed that September, 2014 will be Doreen Virtue's™ last trip across the Atlantic to teach so it was a very special occasion for all concerned.

Doreen Virtue™ & Radleigh Valentine have worked together for approximately 10 years & have produced amongst other items the ANGEL TAROT CARDS Click Here to purchase.

The course was focused on the interpretation of these beautiful cards where all the negativity often associated with the traditional Tarot deck has been taken away.  

Laura Boyle now offers Angel readings using these & other Doreen Virtue Angel/Oracle cards.  These are beautiful cards with very deep, soulful messages from the Angels.


Doreen Virtue™ feels that it is time to train more people so that the messages of the Angels can be spread worldwide.   In this intensive course, she showed us her own personal methods of reaching out to the Angels, to hear the messages that they have for us & our clients.  

She taught us her own special methods of removing negative energy, harmonising our client's body & much more through communication & connection with our Angels.

Laura Boyle will be holding regular "Angel Works" Workshops

If you wish to have an Angel Reading Click Here

Please note, that these courses along with the name Doreen Virtue™ are Trade Marked & Laura Boyle does not intend to 'pass off' as running these courses or running any course with Doreen Virtue™ or Radleigh Valentine in attendance.  


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