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Email Interview January, 2012, Founded 1887, Issue No. 4416, Price £1.50

Laura Boyle, the Medium, Laura Boyle the Clairovyant was interviewed by Two Worlds Magazine.  Laura Boyle, the Medium, Laura Boyle the Clairovyant Two Worlds Magazine

The Monthly Magazine for Spiritualists

"Medium Has Dogged Plan As Premier"

Were you raised in a Spiritualist household? If not, how did you discover your mediumship?

No Tony, I was not.  My family did not encourage any form of Spirituality other than sending me to the local convent as a child.  My parents occasionally surprised me at times by suddenly exhibiting signs of strong religious belief but religion was not something we discussed in our household.
I discovered Spirit as a very young child; it started with imaginary, or not so imaginary, ‘friends’.  Throughout my childhood I often received messages, seemed to have more knowledge than a child of that age would have & often knew the outcome of events or knowledge of events happening which would be inexplicable other than for having a strong connection with Spirit.

Where were you born and when?

I was born in Chester, at 9am on the 28th September, 1962 – one of the coldest winters on record!

Where do you live now?

I have lived in London since the age of 18.  I am based in Acton, in West London.  I have also lived in Spain, on the Costa Blanca.  I retain a small apartment in a small Spanish seaside town called La Mata & spend approximately 5 days a month working in Spain, the remainder of the time being in London.

Do your neighbours know you are a medium? If so, what’s their reaction?

As my Spiritual work is a full time occupation for me it is hard to keep this secret!  The question should be “what is my reaction when neighbours pop in for a coffee?”  Do they want a coffee or do they want a reading?  In answer to your question, their reaction is supportive – we are in times of Spiritual enlightenment.

What psychic gifts do you have?

I am able to connect to Spirit via Clairaudience, Clairsentience & Clairvoyance.  I hear, I feel & I see Spirit.  I work with many different tools,

Are you a full-time medium? Have you had any previous occupations?

Yes I am a full-time Medium working both in the UK, in West London & in Spain, near Alicante & have been so for about 8 years.  At about the age of 26 I opened my own Inventory Business, compiling inventories for the rental property market.  I still retain the odd client but my life has moved away from the cut throat business world & onto greener, more spiritual pastures.

What makes a really good medium?

Ego, or should I say lack of?  Understanding that Mediumship & the terminology, especially the word Clairvoyance is the proof of life after death, not a fortune telling reading.  Giving good evidence & not encouraging the sitter to ‘feed’.  This can be difficult sometimes especially when the sitter wants to talk about their departed loved one.  The other thing which makes a good Medium is having strong ethics.  If there is noone around, don’t be afraid to say.

Can you briefly recall a couple of unusual spirit messages you have relayed?

Many of my readings have unusual Spirit messages, where I pass on information which makes absolutely no sense at all to me but makes perfect sense to the sitter.   In one case I was with a Jamaican gentleman, well into his 70’s.  I asked him if the name Maya made any sense to him, to which he replied “no”.  It was at the end of his sitting so I left it at that.  When I returned home that night, there was an email from him telling me that the name was not Maya but Naya & was his best friend when he was about 21.  He asked me if I could find out what messages Naya may have for him.  I sent him an email detailing a white car, a car crash in Ladbroke Grove amongst other things.  He thanked me for my reading & confirmed that he himself had been driving that white car which had killed his best friend all those years ago.  This shows how many of our loved ones can still be around us after many years have passed.

Do you have a family? What do they think about having a mediumistic mum?

My daughter Bex is now starting to acknowledge her own psychic ability, at the age of 25.  Until fairly recently she was somewhat in denial.  She is very creative & artistic & is developing her skills through her art.

What was the best day in your life… and the worst?

The best day of my life was undoubtedly bringing my daughter into this world, & the worst?  There have been many instances where I have had to say “goodbye” to beloved family members, pets & friends who have left this dimension & moved onto the next.

What’s the soundest piece of advice you have ever been given and by whom?

To be honest in all your dealings.  Both my parents were people of integrity.,

What is your philosophy of life in no more than two or three sentences?

Live your life to the full.  The majority of restrictions we face in life are self imposed - only in our head.  Take those first steps, the first step is always the hardest, the others become easier.  We can all make mistakes, that is the nature of our Spiritual pathway but most mistakes can be rectified.

If you were prime minister for a week, which three laws would you introduce?

The benefit system to be overhauled - that you receive only after you have contributed to society. Boot camp for young offenders.  Long term imprisonment for people who train dogs as weapons & are involved in illegal dog fighting.  I personally have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier & he is the most wonderful, loving animal & it breaks my heart to see the bad publicity these dogs receive through no fault of their own but of their ‘masters’

Do you have any hobbies or special interests away from the psychic scene?

I love going to my place in Spain, where I can go for long walks on the beach, potter about on the rocks & discover hidden coves.  I have travelled extensively throughout India, Asia & Africa.  I am very interested in other cultures, religions & beliefs.  My life very much revolves around my work which includes finalising my forthcoming book.

What really irritates you in life and other people?

The usual really Tony.  People not contributing to society, people discarding rubbish on the pavement, people who abuse children & animals.  If we all looked after what is on our own doorstep then the world would be a better, safer place.

What are your three favourite possessions?

My dog, my cat & a ruby ring which I brought in India

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

Maybe I am sometimes too judgemental but after all I am a Libran & of course when life throws a spanner in the works then those scales can get very unbalanced!

You lived in Spain until March 2010. How long did you reside there? What prompted you to move to Spain? Bearing in mind it’'s officially a Roman Catholic country, how did you find working there as a medium?

I lived full time in the Torrevieja (inbetween Alicante & Murcia, Costa Blanca) for 19 months.  I still have an apartment there & still go out there to work & play.   After working at a show in Benidorm in the late Spring of 2008 I decided that that is where I wanted to base myself.  I love the sun, the sea, the mountains, the rugged terrain.  I decided to rent out my house in London & asked a local agent to come & give me a valuation.  I instructed the agent & the first people who saw the house wanted it.  I put in a new kitchen, packed up my personal belongings & from the day of instructing the agent to my landing on Spanish soil was 14 days!  I arrived in Spain with 1 puppy & 2 cats & nowhere to live!  My friends were all very concerned for me & thought I had finally ‘lost the plot’.  The comments everyone made was “aren’t you worried?”  “what are you going to do?”  Somehow, for whatever reason (maybe Spirit had a hand here?)  I had absolutely no fear, absolutely no concerns, it was as if I were being guided.  A very strange experience indeed.  Funnily enough when I returned to the UK it was another 14 day process! Within a week of arriving in Spain, I rang a local ex-pat newspaper The CoastRider & met with a lovely man called  Thomas.  We met in the Masa Hotel & discussed my advertising options.  I then suggested to him that his paper needed a Psychic Agony Aunt.  He loved the idea & from that moment on I have written a weekly newspaper column “Dear Laura, Your Psychic Agony Aunt”.  This of course opened doors & the way everything went so smoothly & easily indicates to me that I was definitely meant to be in Spain, that this was a Spiritual journey.  The majority of my clients in Spain are English, German & Dutch.  I am not bi lingual so English has to be the common denominator.  There are several Spiritualist Churches in the vicinity which possibly has to do with the number of retirees in the area.  I have always been aware that the Spiritualist movement is against many Catholic & other religious beliefs & with this in mind I am aware of other’s sensitivities.  I have always enjoyed my work in Spain.

I understand that you write a horoscope column for a Spanish publication. Is there any real evidence that astrology works? If you'’ll excuse the pun, isn’'t it all starry-eyed wishful thinking?

Absolutely not!  Anyone who has their Natal Chart compiled will be astounded at some of the accuracy.  I believe there is a lot more out there than we are privy to & as we are becoming more enlightened things will be made clearer to us in time.

What's the most satisfying aspect about being a medium?

There is nothing more satisfying than passing on messages from the two worlds, ones which leave the sitter in no doubt that their loved ones are still near & dear.

If you knew you had just one more day on earth, how would you spend it?

This Tony would obviously depend on the circumstances.  If I were ill & on my deathbed then I would obviously wish to spend time with my family, my pets & other loved ones.  If I was in perfect health & knew I only had one day left then boy, would I make the most of it!  I would have my loved ones around me, be on a beach having a barbeque, eating my favourite vegetarian food, swimming in the warm sea, drinking champagne & dancing to my favourite music.

If rebirth occurs, what would you like to come back as next time?

If?  Surely the question is when!  The decision of who I would come back to next time would be taken with my Guides in the Spiritual realms.  Whatever they felt I needed to learn in my next incarnation would be fine by me & in what earthly body they felt I should be encased in would also be fine.

Laura Boyle, the Medium, Laura Boyle the Clairovyant was interviewed by Two Worlds Magazine.  Laura Boyle, the Medium, Laura Boyle the Clairovyant Two Worlds Magazine


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