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The Sun Newspaper published 4th January, 2014

The Sun Newspaper contacted Laura Boyle for her predictions for 2014. TAROT Reading

Laura Boyle, Psychic to the Stars was contacted by the Sun Newspaper to give her predictions.  Laura Boyle London Psychic, Laura Boyle London Tarot Reader, Laura Boyle London Clairvoyant and the Sun Newspaper.  The best psychic predictions!

Laura Boyle said:

Scotland will decide to break free & be an independent country when the referendum is held.

I get he feeling Andy Murray will settle down with his long term partner Kim & they will cement their relationships with a child, marriage or both.  I don't think he'll win Wimbledon.

Cards for One Direction & Simon Cowell indicate there are going to be turbulent times ahead.  There will be differences of opinions & even psysical serparation if they are not careful.  The X Factor boss will be considering turning his back on something close to his heart - possibly the chart topping band.
The other predictions which Laura made, asked & submitted to The Sun newspaper, but not published in full were -

The Royal Family - births/deaths/weddings for Harry, Wills, etc

For William, life is looking very positive for the next few months - things are really starting to come together for him generally - the 9 of Wands indicates this.  He seems to have found his way in all areas of life.  I feel there are going to be some complications in relation to a pregnancy or birth for someone in the Royal Family in 2014, the 3 of Cups is a celebration - a pregnancy or birth, but it is followed by the 9 of Swords - a card of tears, frustration & restriction.  This is not necessarily in connection with Kate.  I get the feeling that the monarchy will change this year, the Queen I feel will decide to step down unexpectedly, the 10 of Wands, a card of burden shows itself here & with the Ace of Pentacles, this indicates the signing of legal documents.   It could be in connection with Charles & Camilla, but I feel it more likely to be William & Kate who will take over the helm.  I also feel that Prince Philip's health will deteriorate further this year.  He has been suffering from ill health in the recent past.  The 5 of Cups could well indicate a possible bereavement for the Royal Family too.

How will England do the World Cup

I feel England is ready to build on the success they have recently had  ie qualifying.  At the moment, January, they seem to have lost their mojo & how they view themselves will determine how they perform - the 5 of Pentacles highlights this.  Is the glass half full or half empty?   The Strength card shows the need to focus on their strengths & stay & remain positive.  I feel in the next few months, they will decide to pull together, to put concerted effort into their performance.  I feel one of the key players will have a 'problem' in connection to do with a dark haired female - the Queen of Swords & this will destabilise the team.  They will quickly recover from this hiccup & whether it is a team reshuffle but they will get back on track - the 9 of Wands indicates this, & I feel they will be a stronger unit than before.  I feel England will do well as we have the Sun in their spread, but unfortunately, I don't think they will win the World Cup as this card is not flanked with a card of celebration I'm afraid.

The Scottish referendum which way will Scotland stay in the UK?

I feel Scotland wants to press on with being independent from the UK; they have already set their minds to this - the Magician card - wanting to make their own magic, to use all the tools in their toolbox to create a new existence.  They feel they are not getting what they deserve from this union.  Much thought will go into this referendum & I feel will culminate in Scotland deciding to break free as with the Page of Swords being a card of communication, this indicates that there will be some unpleasant news to break to someone.  They want a fresh start, & I feel it will be a fair haired male, the King of Wands, who will lead Scotland forwards.

Pop band One Direction

I feel at the moment One Direction are reviewing how they see themselves moving forwards in the longer term - the Hermit card shows unfocused thoughts, needing a clearer 'direction' in life.  I get the feeling that they are not entirely happy with the deal that they have brokered & want a fresh start - possibly with new management?  I think they will try to make the best of their situation, by approaching situations differently, the 7 of Pentacles, but as the year continues I think they will again, start to be dissatisfied with their lot as the 5 of Wands, a card of conflict is prevalent.   With the Strength card, this shows that they are in a strong position generally & I would not be at all surprised if they fall out or have some form of conflict with Simon Cowell around the September time.  The ball will then be in Simon's court, as with the Hangman in the spread, this is always a sign of sitting on the fence, waiting to see what someone else does next.   I feel Simon will decide to renegotiate terms with them.  One Direction should be careful not to be too choosy as what is offered by Simon may well be retracted - they won't get a second chance!  This is very clearly indicated with the Fool card.  A Dick Whittington type of card.  Head in the clouds, about to walk off the edge of the cliff & once they do that, then how do they get back again?

Pop singer Miley Cyrus

Miley has had to re evaluate her life - she has had enforced new beginnings recently & this shows with the Judgement card.  The 5 of Swords in the present, also indicates that feels betrayed in love.  She seems to be floundering at the moment; she does not have a clear direction or vision.  She needs to wake up & come down to earth.  I feel she will be taking her emotional frustrations out on her working life & as a direct result I feel her career will continue to progress.  I also feel she will be at the top of her game where this is concerned, she may even bring out a book or get involved in some film work, as I have drawn the 10 of Pentacles - dealings with a large sum of money.  Where her love life is concerned, I feel she wants to be in a loving, stable relationship, the Ace of Cups shows this, but I feel she is held back, chained to a man in her past which is emotionally stopping her from moving forwards.  The Devil card.  The artwork of this card depicts two people, chained together, the shackles of which are too difficult to break free from.  A good year professionally but not for love, I'm afraid Miley!

X Factor boss Simon Cowell

Money & business has been plentiful for Simon in the past, but now he is beginning to view life slightly differently.  He is, at the moment, for once in his life, uncertain of the future!  Something has to change for him & he will be considering turning his back on something close to his heart (possibly One Direction).  Cards both for One Direction & for Simon Cowell indicate that there are going to be turbulent times ahead.  The 3 of Swords indicates there will be differences of opinions, & even physical separation if they are not careful.  Simon is aware that if he does end his union with them, there will be no going back - again, I have the Fool card showing here.  Emotionally, Simon is going to be going through a tough time, & I feel this conflict with work & love will be around the time of the birth of his child, as shown by the Temperance card, needing to get balance back in life.  Incidentally, I feel he will be the father of a little girl!  I believe he & Lauren will marry soon after as I have drawn the 4 of Wands, which is traditionally known as the marriage card.  A pre nuptial agreement is also likely as I have the Ace of Pentacles - signing of contracts or legal documents.

Who will win Wimbledon this year? Will Andy Murray win again

I get the feeling that Andy Murray will decide to settle down with his long term  partner Kim before the summer months - they will cement their relationship, either with a child, marriage or even both.  The 4 of Wands, traditionally the marriage card is showing.  This always indicates emotional happiness & moving a relationship onto the next level.  Where Wimbledon is concerned, he would certainly love to win again as I have drawn the Wish card, but, unfortunately, I don't think he will manage to win for a second year in succession as the last card I drew for Andy was the 5 of Cups - a card of happiness overturned, of grief.


Laura Boyle, Psychic to the Stars was contacted by the Sun Newspaper to give her predictions.  Laura Boyle London Psychic, Laura Boyle London Tarot Reader, Laura Boyle London Clairvoyant and the Sun Newspaper.  The best psychic predictions!


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