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Just Who Am I?
by Jeanette Earth writing for the Courier Newspaper

Part 1 - Just Who Am I?Published Friday, 20th July, 2012, Edition 74 www.thecourier.es

I have always had an open mind, which helps with my writing and my love of the arts, however it also means that at times I can be a bit gullible.

Still, I have learned to be more skeptical as I get older, though I can still believe things a bit too easily.

One thing I have always been interested in is something that skeptics like to shout about.  They say it is only believed by the gullible or stupid.  Well, this is their opinion, as valuable to them as mine is to me.  However, I prefer to say that those who believe in what I am about to write about are more open minded that gullible - and I and many others like me are certainly not stupid.

For the next two weeks I will be writing about somewhere I went a few weeks ago. I was to experience something I've had an interest in for many years and never got around to trying, so a while ago I decided to see if there was any way I could achieve what I had long thought about.

Being in Spain I wasn´t too sure I could find someone suitable in this area.  However, after a very short search I found a woman called Laura Boyle. Some of you may be aware of the name and others will know her name very well.  Indeed some of you may even have been to see her.

There was something else I noticed on her website and this is what interested me because for many years I have wondered whether I have lived before.

I had no idea who I had been or where I'd lived but certain things had happened to me that weren't déjà vu, but real feelings & worries that seemed to come from nowhere in this lifetime.

So I began to wonder where they came from.  It is possible that I have lived before & if so was this past life the reason for my feelings?  I hoped Laura would be able to help me find out the answers & so I sent her an e-mail as previous life regression, which is trying to find out if you've lived before, is a part of her work.

I didn't have to wait long for a reply stating when she would be in Spain & when I could go & visit her.  I wasn't able to accept the first dates she offered so she wrote straight back with a new date & time which was perfect for me.  It was only a month away, so I had enough time to get excited but not so long that I got bored waiting!

And before I knew it, I was heading towards her home to have my regression.

I met Laura in a bar.  I recognised her immediately from her photo on her website, so I introduced myself & we went to her property where she explained fully the process.  This was very important as I had never been hypnotised before so had no idea what to expect.

I had imagined those under hypnosis would be completely unaware of where they were & could hear nothing so once Laura had explained that I would be in deep relaxation but fully conscious, I felt informed & happy to go ahead.

Laura also explained that sometimes there are no past lives to find or they cannot be found.  Like the spiritual work she does, sometimes nothing happens.

No one can make their past lives come through & it is better to be prepared for nothing than try to force something.  This will not achieve anything & in the end the truth is what the client is paying for, indeed it is what I wanted to find out.

Next week I will explain what happened as I was hypnotised & whether indeed I did find myself reliving past lives.

Part 2 of Just Who Am I?

ENTITLED Was I a Boy in 1896?
Published Friday, 27th July, 2012, Edition 75 www.thecourier.es

Last week I explained how I have always wanted to have previous life regression & how I arranged it.  This week I will tell you how I fared.

I met Laura Boyle & went to her flat where she explained what was going to happen.  I was hoping that someone would come through but ready for the disappointment if there was nothing there.

I made myself comfortable & closed my eyes ready for the hypnosis & as I lay down I suddenly felt a bit nervous.  Naturally I think I was worried that nothing would happen but also was a bit wary of what WOULD happen.  However I soon began to relax & with Laura's clam voice soothing me I felt the tension go & carried out her instructions to the letter.  I noticed at times she began to lose me or spoke too fast & this I now put down to me relaxing & my mind wandering.

Eventually it was time to find out if indeed I have lived before & almost immediately a young boy came to me.  I was fully aware that I was lying on a sofa but I could see the world now through this boy's eyes.  I saw the street, smelt the air, occasionally I looked at the boy but for the most of the time I was seeing what he saw. 

I was asked my name & replied immediately, along with the year & where I was.  As I was being asked about this boy I felt almost as if I was him.  For those interested, it was 1896, he was 14 years old & had no family.  I found myself wanting to talk like a young street boy but was always comfortable & relaxed.  

Eventually Laura brought me out of this life & we moved on.  We went on through three other lives, one of which was very short, but for each the feelings I got from talking about these people were very real.  I two of my lies I got the impression of dying young & there was a sadness about them.  However, in my last life I was a highwayman in the 17th century, & I felt a bravado as I spoke & laughed about being hanged for my crimes.

Through all my lives I felt the people take over, yet I was still in control.  I could hear the traffic if I stopped talking although when I was in the lives I only remember hearing Laura.

As I was gently talked out of the relaxation I stayed lying down for a while.  I felt drained & Laura commented on how my attitude had changed from before the regression.  I was quieter now but I explained that this was because there was a lot to take in.  I remembered most of what I had said, the dates I couldn't remember but the names & where they were I did.

There was no rush to leave once it was over & Laura made me a copy of my previous life regression experience on a CD which I took away & left for a day or two before listening to.  But the thoughts stayed with me for many days after & I would be doing housework & suddenly some thought would occur to me & I wondered if that's why I had a certain way sometimes or why something affects me so much.

I would advise previous life regression to everyone - but go with an open mind, & once it is over, try not to think too much about what you have said.  There is the CD to remind you but if you leave your mind open you will find thoughts coning to you & worries you may have in this life can suddenly become clearer.  It is almost like a light bulb coming on over your head.

Rightly or wrongly I have put down some of my feelings & fears to past lives & one in particular has reassured me immensely.  That feeling alone, for those of us with a mind open to new experiences & willing to believe, is a huge comfort.

I am extremely glad I got the opportunity to live out my previous existences & hope maybe one or two of you feel encouraged to do likewise.  I would love to know how you get on.

Laura's website is www.lauraboyle.com

The Courier Newspaper Spain and Laura Boyle, the Internationally acclaimed psychic.  Laura Boyle Past Life regression, Laura Boyle Hypnosis, Laura Boyle and the Courier Newspaper

A note to Jeanette Erath. Jeanette thank you for coming to experience Previous Life Regression with myself in Spain.  It was lovely to meet you & to share in your past lives.  They were very interesting & very detailed & it was a privilege to be privy to your karma & your previous life experiences.

A note to the Courier Newspaper. Thank you Barry & Donna for publishing Jeanette's experiences in your newspaper - it was very gracious of you, considering that I write a weekly column for a rival newsapaper The CoastRider!

The Courier Newspaper Spain and Laura Boyle, the Internationally acclaimed psychic.  Laura Boyle Past Life regression, Laura Boyle Hypnosis, Laura Boyle and the Courier Newspaper


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