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Dear Laura, Your Psychic Agony Aunt

Laura Boyle wrote a weekly newspaper column, Dear Laura, Your Psychic Agony Aunt from August, 2008 - 2015.  During that time she has helped hundreds of ex pats through the good & the not so good times.

If you are living in Spain already or If you are thinking of moving to Spain & want to know what it is really like, then why not read some of the questions that have been sent in to Laura, in the past. Click Here

Laura is unable to enter into private correspondance in relation to the FREE psychic readings submitted to the CoastRider & published  All names will be shortened to initials only so you can rest assured that you will retain your anonominity.

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Watch out – fraudster about!

The CoastRider would like to warn readers of a conman, preying on vulnerable people by offering psychic readings and charging a large amount of money.  The man claims to know CoastRider’s psychic Agony Aunt Laura Boyle very well and claims he works with her – this is not the case.  The man puts flyers through people’s doors and is said to change his name quite often.  Apparently he has tricked elderly people in the area out of hundreds of euros.  Laura Boyle told the CoastRider,

“Despite what he claims, this man is absolutely nothing to do with me - I don't even know the guy. I believe he is targeting the Norwegian community in particular.”

Published 14th August, 2012 in the CoastRider - note from the Editor Aoife

CoastRider August 2008

Article written by Aoife Leddy, Editor of CoastRider

We are delighted to introduce a new columnist to The CoastRider.  Laura Boyle is the extremely gifted lady who takes on the role of CoastRider's "Spiritual Agony Aunt".  More on exactly that will entail later but first, let's introduce Laura herself.

Laura has been working as a natural psychic all her life.  She was aware of her ability to connect with "the other side" from a very young age.  As a child, she learned to suppress her 'knowledge' but never lost interest in the paranormal, Laura told The CoastRider.  "I've always seen things, I've always been a bit weird!"


In her mid teens, she was given a pack of Tarot cards & this started her on her path as a professional Tarot reader.  Over the years, she has attended many different psychic courses, eager to learn the various disciplines & methods to predict the future.  Eventually, fate took a hand & she "came out" as a professional at a corporate event in Brighton, for a blue chip company!

Around six years ago, after the abrupt death of her mother, she was made very aware of psychic energies at work.  Numerous inexplicable occurrences happened - too numerous to mention here!

These events confirmed what Laura believed all along, from such an early age!  She began to read books & the events of her childhood, as well as more recent events, began to make sense to her.  She attended 'Circle' under the watchful eye of Gwyneira Watson & was guided, safely into making contact with those who have passed over.

Laura is well known on the 'psychic circuit' in the UK, working at the Mind Body & Soul, Mind Body Spirit, Mystic Arts & the Yoga shows.  She is a consultant to the British Astrological & Psychic Society (founded by Russell Grant) & has been accredited in the arts of Tarot Reading & Mediumship.Laura also offers Reiki healing & hypnotherapy. 

So what will our new Spiritual Agony Aunt be offering to CoastRider readers?  We invited readers to write to Laura with any unanswered questions they may have.  Whether it's about love money, relationships, the future, a loved one who has passed on, or even "Where did Aunty Mabel hide the life insurance documents?!" 


In order to ensure that the service Laura would be offering to our readers is genuine, I visited Laura at her home in La Mata for a reading of my own.  Laura read my tarot cards & then used another method called "ribbon reading", which I found fascinating. 

In the course of reading my Tarot Cards, Laura was able to tell me about my past, present, immediate future & future & without going into too much detail, her accuracy was surprising, & delightful.  Laura also used 'pendulum dowsing' whereby she uses a free hanging wooden pendulum to ask questions of her spirit guides.  The pendulum swings in a backwards & forwards line for "no" & rotates in a circular motion for "yes".  She first asked a few "control" questions to make sure we were clear on yes & no.  Do I have a Reginald sitting in front of me (the pendulum said "no").  Do I have Barbara sitting in front of me (the pendulum said "no").  Do I have Aoife sitting in front of me (the pendulum said "yes") & just to make sure, do I have Penny sitting in front of me - the pendulum said no! 

Laura proceeded to ask her guides all my questions & the pendulum would answer either in the positive or negative.  This is a fascinating skill to watch being put into practice.
Laura can also do a more in depth mediumship reading, before which she will meditate & focus her mind.  In previous readings with clients Laura has been able to connect with late husbands, wives & other relatives, offering names, descriptions of places, & messages from those who have passed over.


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