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Angel Answers, issue 49, February 2012, Price £3.50
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Laura Boyle, the famous International Psychic, Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader has written many articles for Soul and Spirit Magazine.  Laura Boyle and Soul and Spirit Magazine.

Harness the power of your intuition & deepen your connection with the celestial realms by following these top tips from angel expert Laura Boyle

"We are now far more aware of our INTUITION & SPIRITUALITY & ability to bring POSITIVE changes to the WORLD than ever, & have never known as much about the power of "ANGELS"

Angels have been documented since Biblical days, appearing 108 times in the Old Testament & 165 in the New one.  According to the scriptures, they were created between the period God produced the heavens & Earth, & have been described as agents sent to do God's will - their name itself derives from the Greek term 'angelos', meaning messenger.  Said to be immortal, they remain as large in number as they were when created, & are always around us, whether we can see, hear or sense them or not.

Often many of us tend to overlook the vast majority of them, as they are simply so many out there willing to help us: hover, those of us working in the healing & psychic community are very aware of the power these magical beings have on our ability to harness, embrace & fully utilise our intuitive abilities - all we have to do is acknowledge, believe & invite their presence into our lives, & trust they'll assist us in our work.

For those of you wishing to gain more knowledge of the healing & psychic field, it's incredibly important to learn how to harness the power of the 'good' angels, rather than the 'fallen', as the former have the ability to overcome evil, & are therefore the ones you need to work with when seeking to heighten your intuition & tap into your inner voice.  Strengthening your energetic vibration, they'll protect you & your loved ones from harm, & increase the confidence, ability & belief you have in finding the answers you seek within.

Each angel resonates with a particular colour &, over the years, healers have built a firm foundation of knowledge in this area, leading to many exciting discoveries about the chakras -- the seven main energy points running through the body - the main ones of which are associated with the same hues as those in a rainbow: moving through a spectrum of ultra violet/white, indigo/purple, blue, greeen/rose, yellow, orange & red

As well as calling on the angels themselves, tuning into their various colours using crystals can be very beneficial when it comes to heightening your intuition.  Of course, gemstones can be found in many different colours, shapes & sizes - each of which will have its own energy & vibration that may resonate with you more or less than another's.  No two will ever be the same &, while there might be certain varieties you find more pleasing to the eye than others, you could find they're the ones that actually work in harmony with your energy the least, so make sure you go for ones that really call out to you.

Already well into the age of enlightenment, with an increasing number of use being drawn towards exploring our collective consciousness - something currently unifying various psychic & healing societies all over the world - we're now far more aware of our intuition, spirituality & ability to bring positive changes to the world than ever &, as such, have never known as much about the wonderful powers of angels, importance of colour, or magical healing properties of crystals.

If you would like to do some healing, Archangel Raphael is definitely a very good angel to work with.

1.    Get into a meditative state (see  'Masterclass' below) & ask him to help you heal yourself, or     others.  Tell him     to indicate whether there are any crystals - green ones in particular, as this     is the colour with which he best     resonates - you should be working with: generally speaking,     green aventurine, malachite, amazonite, peridot or     emerald should all be very good for this.

2.    Always remember to cleanse your crystals before & after you use them, as this will remove     any energies that     may have been absorbed into them prior to your ownership: this can be     done by leaving them in a mild rock salt     solution for five hours (only if they are smooth     stones.  If friable, place in a bowl of rice).

3.    Once you've cleansed them, make sure they are property charged by placing them under     direct sunlight: this will     restore any energies depleted during their cleaning.

TRY THIS - Intuition Masterclass

When you wish to be a better communicator, be it spiritually or otherwise, the Archangel Gabriel - known as God's messenger - is definitely one of the best angels to call upon.  Try using a piece of dark citrine, orange calcite, carnelian, topaz, amber, tiger's eye, citrine quartz or iron pyrite to facilitate your contact with him & do the following ritual.

Find a quiet spot where you're unlikely to be disturbed for half an hour or so, & sit quietly
Allow your body & mind to be still

When you feel fully relaxed, ask Archangel Gabriel to come to you - this may take a while to master but, once you've learnt how to recognise the signs he's near, you'll feel his presence in a number of different ways: a subtle brush against your body, for instance, or a slight breeze, or temperature change, in the room

Once you feel his presence, ask him to aid you with your communications: you might also want to enquire about the best crystals to work with.  Remember, you may not receive an answer immediately but, in due course, all with become clear.

If you're generally more drawn towards energy healing, you may prefer to stick with blue, the traditional hue synonymous with the throat chakra.If you're generally more drawn towards energy healing, you may prefer to stick with blue, the traditional hue synonymous with the throat chakra.

About the Author -

Laura Boyle is a pyschic, medium, angle & tarot card reader, who has a great deal of knowledge about working with angels.  She has appeared on a number of TV programmes & written extensively for publications across the country.  For more information, visit www.lauraboyle.com, or call 0208 354 2485

Angel Answers, issue 49, February 2012, Price £3.50
Soul & Spirit Magazine, ANGEL ANSWERS

Each month we shine the spotlight on a spiritual development course.  Here, Virginia Ronson recounts the Reiki training experience she underwent with spiritual healer Laura Boyle

"Becoming a practitioner has changed my life & given me a sense of purpose"

COURSE ATTENDEE: Virginia Ronson, 33 from Ealing, West London

PERSONAL HISTORY: Virginia is a marketing executive by trade, but also has a strong affinity with animals & used to work at a cats' shelter.  She has done lots of work as a Reiki practitioner & is currently managing her own practice in Ealing called Reiki 121.

Like many people, I spent a long time looking for the right Reiki teacher.  I wanted an accredited master who was experienced & professional, & began my search online.  I found Laura's details on the Reiki Federation website.  Her own site had lots of information about this healing therapy, & I got a really good vibe about her immediately, so called to ask a few questions.

Laura was really friendly & we chatted for a long time.  Unlike other Reiki teachers I had contacted, she took her time with me & didn't seem to push me into making a booking: on the contrary, she advised me that it was important to choose the right person as my teacher, & gave me great advice about what to look for.  As I was talking to her, I just knew without a doubt she was the right one for me.

Easy as 123

I completed my Reiki 1 with Laura in one day.

It was a long day, & packed full of information & exercises.  It was very hands on, & Laura was very thorough & an excellent teacher.  In this first course, I learnt about the history Reiki, then, after my attunement, I discovered how to get the energy flowing, as well as some grounding & meditation exercises.  I was also taught to give the healing to others.  Upon successful completion of the first course, I continued onto Reiki 11, where I discovered advanced techniques & how to give treatments as a professional therapist.  This was even more hands on than Reiki 1, & I enjoyed every minute of it.  After almost a year of practising my skills every day, I completed my master/teacher training.  Although I enjoyed the first two courses, obtaining the master/teacher qualification was definitely the highlight, as it marked the beginning of a new journey for me.

Helping others

Becoming a practitioner has changed my life for the better in so many ways, I am more open, relaxed & positive than ever before.  Reiki has given me a real sense of purpose & direction in life.  Since becoming an accredited practitioner, I have been really keen to help others.  So far, I have spent more than a year providing treatments to hospital patients at the University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Gower Street, London, & it's been a truly incredible experience & a real privilege.  I also provide regular Reiki treatments at a women's shelter for abused women & children in my local area, & I recently set up my own practice in Ealing, called Reiki 121 (reiki121.co.uk).  I am dedicated to raising awareness of Reiki & providing affordable sessions for everyone.  Going forward, I would love to expand my local business, & continue working with hospital patients, the NHS, & local charities.

Just do it!

If anyone's tempted to train in Reiki, even if it's just to practice on themselves, do it!  It's the best thing I've ever done & a great skill to have.

About the Teacher

Laura Boyle has been aware of Spirit since childhood, & has made it her life's vocation to help others through her psychic readings & Reiki healing.  She firmly believes in the philosophy that for healing to take place, it must be in the mind, body & spirit.  Laura runs certified Reiki courses, at all levels, in West London on a regular basis.

Laura Boyle, the famous International Psychic, Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader has written many articles for Soul and Spirit Magazine.  Laura Boyle and Soul and Spirit Magazine.


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