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Laura Boyle's Predictions for Kerrang Magazine 2016

Laura Boyle's Predictions for Kerrang Magazine 2016 - A SPECIAL TRIBUTE ISSUE TO LEMMY 1945 - 2015


Busted are on the up!  They are going to be building on their past endeavours & experiences, taking things to another dimension!  They are not looking at being a one hit wonder, they are out to conquer the world!  This reunion is going to work on all fronts but mainly because the band members want to be together, they have the same objectivity & the same goals.  They have also left past difficulties & differences behind.  Charlie Simpson is the one to watch having morphed from boy band to rock band.  He is Gemini, the twins.  It will be interesting to see which twin takes over this year as he is entering a Saturn Return (every 30 years).  Past issues may just rock the boat for this band as the year progresses.

Babymetal will start 2016 with a big BANG!  They are well on their way to huge success & will cover many miles thrilling their audiences around the world.  Su-Metal is a fire sign (Sagittarius) & as a result has a natural enthusiasm for life.  The fire in her belly, for success, will be impossible to extinguish for many years yet to come & in 2016 we will be seeing just the tip of the iceberg.  She & her team are a hard act to follow!  Wearing the birth stone turquoise will help keep her vocal chords in tip top condition.

Mark Hoppus is one of those extraordinary people who is able to adapt to whatever life throws in his way.  He is Pisces, born on the 15th March, 1972.   Like a fish, he swims easily with the tide & this is clearly shown in the way that he adapts to new music environments & new situations.   This is going to be a great year for Mark.  He will do well with -blink-182.  I feel there are going to be some brilliant opportunities coming up for him in the autumn time.  Crystal clear, icy blue aquamarine will balance Mark & keep him revitalised for it is going to be a busy year ahead!

Gerard is another Fire sign - Aries, the ram.  He is spontaneous & doesn't always finish what he has started.  He has no qualms standing alone for he has a natural ability to draw people to him with his magnetic, fun loving character.  Diamonds are not just a girl's best friend, they are also the best mineral for Aries to wear.  The most precious of gems, renowned for their healing abilities too.  Garard is testing the water at the moment - he may not be solo by the end of 2016 - 1 see a partnership of sorts!

This is going to be a very trying year for Guns N Roses (Axl Rose) with make ups & break ups forecast.  A past member of the group will reappear & for a while, all will be well.  A happy new partnership but can the problems of the past be laid to rest?  They will try their hardest to overcome past & future obstacles but I fear the union will end in acrimony.  It could well be the end of Guns N Roses this year.  Axl is a strong character but his real strength lies in being able to accept change.   He is an Aquarius & it is his nature to rebel.  Wearing purple Amethyst could bring about peace & stability not only for Axl but for the band too!

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 RIP Lemmy xxx


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