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A Gift From the Emerald Isle,  August 2010, Price £2.95

Laura Boyle, the famous Tarot Reader in London wrote for High Spirit Magazine.  See what Laura Boyle Psychic, Laura Boyle clairvoyant, Laura Boyle Tarot wrote for High Spirit Magazine

My psychic journey started as I lay there in the darkened room, wide awake, my head firmly buried under the blankets  clutching teddy for dear life.  I hated going to bed at night, being alone in my room, wishing I could stay up just that little bit longer – infact all night if I could have my wish.  Another sleepless night where I would will myself to stay awake just in case that ‘thing’, that presence in the far corner of my room ever came to life.  Sometimes, when I could bear it no longer Pa used to read me this prayer.  ‘Lighten our darkness, we beseech thee, O Lord; and by thy great mercy defend us from all perils and dangers of this night; for the love of thy only Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.’  With that comforting thought that all the perils & dangers had been dealt with I would slumber.

At about the same time as this was happening, I started my astral projection phase.  Many a night Pa would enquire as to where I was travelling that evening whilst asleep.  Little did he know, or maybe he did know? that this was no joke! I really was on my travels, not only into the intermediate world of light between Heaven and Earth but to countries far & wide, to Africa, to India, to Arabia.   To distant lands full of mysticism, full of rich colour, pungent smells, lands far, far, far away.

Whether it be my Irish decent on both sides who is to say.  Pa, black Irish,(a probable throw back from the Spanish Armada) & Ma, typical Irish folk stock, strikingly beautiful, a main of glossy red hair, green eyes – the Gift must have come from the Emerald Isle, famous for its Celtic Soothsayers.

By the time I was in my mid-teens I was fully aware of ‘the other side’.  I saw things, I felt things, I knew things.  I took it upon myself to hold regular séances.  Somehow I just knew what to do, I was always the unelected ‘spokesperson’. I knew about rapping – I have my good friend Marc Bolan to thank for that!  Up in the attic, high up at the top of the house we asked Marc to come forward.  To tap once for no, twice for yes.  You have never seen a group of gangly teenage girls run down a flight of stairs so fast in your life!  For approximately two years after that Marc, or the Spirit I called Marc, visited me on a nightly basis, rapping twice before I dozed off to sleep.

Towards the end of my teens I learnt my greatest lesson of all whilst dabbling in the world of Spirit.  I had got my hands on a Ouija board!  Waddington’s, the game company had, in their wisdom released the Ouija board as a game for all the family to enjoy!  This should have come with a stern health warning but would I have listened?  After being ‘told’ I would be dead by the time I reached 21, I had a few years to think about the merits of asking a question, one that you just might not want an answer to!  My blood ran hot & cold for a couple of years & I am glad to say, that milestone birthday was celebrated many moons ago – well not so long ago!

By my early 20’s I was given my first pack of Tarot Cards by Ma, in order to save me money visiting these ‘charlatans’.  After my experience with the Ouija board I was somewhat wary of delving into the unknown but something kept drawing me in.  These cards seemed to have a completely different energy about them & to be honest I believe my approach to the unexplained had changed.  I had certainly learnt not to be flippant, to treat Spirit with more respect & most importantly of all I had learnt that this was not a ‘party trick’.  It was a gift which had been bestowed on me, one which I could use for the good or for the not so good.  

At the same time, I had come out of my marriage, still young with a baby in tow – my daughter Bex.  As we both grew, she brought out the nurturing side of my nature so it was a no brainer when I made the decision to acknowledge my life’s destiny – to help others through my ability to channel.

Throughout my 20’s & 30’s I muddled along, not really developing as such.  I read widely & with each different author, a different chord struck.  Yes, I had had visions, yes I had smelt smells, yes I had experienced objects disappearing & others appearing as from know where.  I had seen faces appear in mirrors at will & had seen orbs & mists.

In those years I had travelled physically, many times to those far off distant lands, Africa, India & Arabia.  I had forsaken meat & fish in favour of simple fayre.  Lentils, fruit, vegetables.  I enjoyed a three year relationship with yoga, developing complicated breath control techniques, meditations etc & I became Chakra aware!  

The word Reiki kept coming into my mind & suddenly it was the most important path for me to follow.  Reiki 1 induced a vision of Usui, Reiki 2 induced no visions but I found I was operating on a completely different wave length.  Loud noises upset me, electrical appliances broke down, my voice came out as a whisper on audio tapes & my psychic ability upped a notch!

I completed my Reiki Masters & with my Chakras fully open life took another turn – the sudden demise of Ma.  If I had ever doubted any of those old wives’ tales handed down, from generation to generation nature was to prove to me otherwise.  In her garden, near the gate. one solitary bird of prey hanging around by the dustbin before she went into hospital.  The eerie quietness of the garden whilst she was in hospital save for the cawing of the rooks.  The shock at finding one of them floating on the top of the fish pond….  The never ending swarm of huge black flies which fled her house whilst my brothers were clearing it out…..

By my late 30’s my life had changed forever.   I had lost a very dear friend , infact two very dear friends as by now both my parents had passed over, but I had gained a couple of additional Spirit Guides!  Over the next few months, my parents, having been reunited on the other side & renewed their Karmic vows, did everything in their power to make me aware of their existence!

I started to find myself mixing with a different type of person, people who were on a different spiritual path to the yogis with whom I had been mixing with previously.  I was ‘pushed’ onto the next level.  Suddenly I found myself being offered work at corporate events for blue chip companies.  I found myself working at psychic fairs & I even found myself embarking on a course of hypnotherapy!  

The past life regression aspect was very interesting from a problem solving point of view but the previous life regression was what really interested me!  It was another implement in my psychic toolbox & a very useful one at that.  

By now, I was beginning to collate all the experiences & develop my own courses.  Through the use of various hypnotherapy techniques I could help people attain altered states which in turn would help them connect with Spirit more easily.  I played around with a pendulum during Reiki healing & found it was the perfect tool to balance the Chakras.   

One thing I was never any good at though, was conforming.  I firmly believed, & still do firmly believe that experimentation in a safe area, learning to ground oneself, learning to protect oneself using a psychic shield is the best way forward for the budding psychic or Reiki practitioner.   After all, if I were to stand 10 people infront of me with an orange, all of them would eventually get to the edible centre but the way each & every one of those 10 people would approach it would be different.  Therefore, it stands to reason, try ribbon reading, sand reading, cards, pendulum dowsing, scrying, flower reading, psychometry etc.,{

August 2008 found me relocating to sunnier climes – the Costa Blanca to be precise!  I decided to take the plunge & dedicate my life to Spirit & Spiritual pursuits.  But..... in March, 2010 I returned to the UK to live.

Laura Boyle, the famous Tarot Reader in London wrote for High Spirit Magazine.  See what Laura Boyle Psychic, Laura Boyle clairvoyant, Laura Boyle Tarot wrote for High Spirit Magazine


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