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CoastRider "Dear Laura Your Psychic Agony Aunt

Dear Laura Your Psychic Agony Aunt wrote for CoastRider "Dear Laura" for over 8 years, answering your problems both in the UK and in Spain.  Dear Laura Boyle is in the UK.  Contact her and keep in touch!

"Dear Laura" Your Psychic Agony Aunt
Laura Boyle would like to thank Aoife, the Editor, & the rest of CoastRider, for publishing the "Dear Laura, Your Psychic Agony Aunt" column.  At the close of 2014, Laura Boyle decided that after writing on a weekly basis, since August, 2008, it is now time to move on.  She wishes CoastRider & all the wonderful readers the very best for the future.

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I know how you all like to read problem pages so every so often, I am going to put up a range of questions which have been asked by people over the years, whilst I have been writing for CoastRider.  Enjoy!

Hi there
J has recently came back into my life but he is in a relationship with someone else I would like things to progress with him in the future do u see this happening thanks a lot.

Hi M
Well I've asked if there is a future for the both of you.  At the moment the cards are showing your emotional struggles & where you feel a decision has to be made - a yes or a no.  You will decide to turn your back on him but that is not going to be easy as I have drawn the 2 of Cups - the card of the Karmic Twins.  With J, when you first met, there was this amazingly strong bond & this is what is causing your indecision.  I feel the pair of you will meet up but try as you can, you can't see a future with him as he is already taken.  That meeting will end in things being said, which are not going to be pleasant but it will put things on track.  This is going to be a tricky situation as I feel the pair of you will try to move things forward by deciding to approach the situation differently but nevertheless, the restriction of he being with someone else will still be present.  I feel there will be a period until the end of September where you will need to give J enough rope to hang himself - hear what he says, do his actions match?  During the month of September you will have to analyse him, so use this time wisely & really open your eyes to the situation.  Again, during September you are back to square one, trying to make a decision but use your gut feelings, not your head or your heart.  Again, there is going to be emotional turmoil & you will again feel like walking away.  I don't see this as being an easy situation due to the Karmic linkage & that very strong attraction but I feel it would be in your best interests to put distance between yourselves as I can't see his situation changing in the foreseeable future & you could easily end up being the other woman, which will more than likely bring much heartache in the future.  Your heart is aching now but if you progress into a relationships with him at the moment, your ache will turn into pain in the future.  If he really wants you, & has honourable intentions, then he will take steps to finish his existing relationship.  I have drawn you an Ask the Angels Card which says 'See clearly - view things from an Angel's view point'.

Dear Laura,
Could you please do a spread for me?  After a fairly tough time, things are finally starting to go well for my husband and myself.  I have prayed for guidance and help and now, there may be an opportunity in the VERY near future for me to change my job, which I have been desperate to do for some time. Could you tell me if this is going to happen and  if yes will it be a success?
Thank you so much. D. x

Dear D
I'm so glad that you feel things are starting to look up for the both of you.  It is so important to think positively however bad your situation seems to be.  Worry is a somewhat redundant emotion as things always sort themselves out, one way or the other.  The time we spend worrying would be much better spent taking some positive steps to make change where we are able.  From your spread, I get the feeling that there is going to be a time delay here & you should be wary of not putting your heart & soul into your job.  This news is very exciting for you but nothing is concrete yet so don't approach your current job with a view to an end, as your energy will change & your employer will pick up on a half hearted approach to your duties.  Try to settle down, not let your excitement get the better of you.  I feel that this new position will drag on, & you will feel disappointment that it has not materialised but then I have that job coming back to you.  The timing seems to be wrong but it will be a good job for you.  I feel there is going to have to be some not very pleasant communication & it is with a dark haired man.  You will also feel that you can't see how things can work out in the long term but you will decide to roll up your sleeves & go for a meeting or an interview.  I then have the happy new work home.  With these twists & turns in your cards & the amount which I have drawn, again, I urge you not to get too complacent in your current position as I feel you will be there for some while yet.  I have drawn you an Ask the Angels Card which says 'Every long journey begins with the first step'.

Dear Laura
I have been living in Spain for many years having took early retirement.  Spain is just not the same as it was and I am seriously considering moving.  Most of my original friends have either moved back to the UK or have died.  There are less people around and to be honest I am getting to the stage where I can't be bothered to go out and meet yet more people who are unlikely to stay my life.  I have a sister living in Leeds who keeps suggesting that I move in with her but I have spent most of my time in the UK living in the south, so I don't know anyone up north.  I have also lost contact with most of my work colleagues and friends in the UK too.  I don't know to do for the best.  My life is pretty boring over here and I dread the thought of another winter looming.  At least in the UK the houses are warmer and there is more to do.  What does destiny have in store for me?

Dear K
You clearly need a change of environment & I do have a female showing herself in the cards, along with overseas travel - this I would presume to be your sister.  I feel you will embark on this trip with a view to making a

fresh start back in the UK.  You already have connections over there & you will find yourself having to make a decision.  Where this decision is concerned though, go with your gut instincts, not your head, not your heart.  I think you will be somewhat shocked at the property prices in the UK, along with the cost of living & will decide that you will have to stay in Spain.  As the months draw on, I feel you are going to feel less inclined to stay there, you can't see how things can improve for you & you are likely to get to the point where you feel anything is better than your life as it currently is.   That I believe will be the turning point.  You will find yourself making a decision, one that by giving the situation time, you will be happy with & I do have a happy new home on the horizon for you.  I feel this is likely to happen before the end of this year.  I have drawn you a Harmony with the Universe Oracle Card which says 'Re-birth.  Unleash yourself.  Let go & walk ahead as you are re-born'.

Hi Laura
Free question please.  I am a married man who has fallen for a young Spanish woman who has two kids.  My wife and I no longer have relations and this woman meets all my desires both in and out of bed.  My marriage has been over for years and we live more like brother and sister rather than husband and wife.  My wife also has a drink problem and spends most of her days boozing with her pals.   When we moved to Spain we sold up everything in the UK and although we are OK our finances are not that great.   I know that if I leave my wife she will fight for every last penny and I am concerned that if it does not work out with my new partner I will be left destitute.  Just wondering what on earth to do.
Thanks W

Hi W
It certainly seems as if your marriage is out of sync at the moment but the question that I have asked is what you should do in relation to the Spanish lady.  Now you have put me in-between a rock & a hard place!  I think people are going to be divided here - do you stay with your wife, for better or for worse or do you grasp the opportunity of new love & possible happiness!  Let's see what the cards have in store for you.  Ok, I think the message is very clear that something has to be done, you can't carry on like this.  We have division next to the marriage card followed by the Tower - the damage has been done, the seeds of discontent have been sown quite awhile back so I get the feeling that if you decide to turn your back on your girlfriend, it will only be a matter of time before you get involved with someone else.  I think you should be careful not to rush things; I have two cards of warning here so if you act in haste, you could well repent at leisure.  I get the strong feeling that you will, in time, decide to be with your girlfriend but what I would like to impress on you is the need to take your time & really think things through.  I have drawn you a Harmony with the Universe Oracle Card which says 'Catch your breath & follow your dreams, follow the Spirit of the Earth'.

Dear Laura
Is my man being faithful to me.  He works with his brother and best mate. When I call work last week to talk to him I was told he left at dinner time but he came home well after midnight.  My friend said she saw him with a girl walking on the beach. He denied it who do I believe? He won't talk about things and goes out if I try to question him and comes back in after I've gone to bed. I am on anti depressants and this is not helping my situation. Thankyou E

Dear E
I get the feeling that your man is the main breadwinner & as a result feels he is entitled to do what he wants, when he wants.  This obviously is not much fun for you!  The Three of Swords in the position of the present indicates the emotional distance in the relationship, the separation through quarrels & arguments.  You need to have a long hard look at your situation, after all the Seven of Cups indicates you have options available – some good, some not so good.  Really try to analyse how you can change your relationship for the better, are you happy where you're living?  Maybe you would be better to take a holiday on your own to think things out more clearly?  I feel ultimately there will be balance in your life in all areas but until you try to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong, why the both of you are making each other unhappy nothing will be resolved.  In answer to your direct question, I don't see any cards indicating duplicity in this spread but I do see the need to make urgent changes to your overall situation.  I do feel there will be a happy outcome & even possibly a new home in the not too distant future.  

Dear Laura
I have been with my boyfriend for a number of years but we don't live together. He is putting pressure on me to let him live with me but I like my own space and he can't seem to understand this. At the moment he is living in the UK but is due to retire towards the end of this year and wants to come out to Spain. I have a house in the UK and in Spain and spend about 2/3 of my time over here. He has his own place in the UK which he wants to sell. I really am not sure whether I want him living with me permanently as I have been on my own for so long. The other thing that worries me is if we don't get along will I be able to get rid of him? I am feeling under a lot of pressure over this and I just can't seem to make a firm decision.  One day I will think it's a good idea and the next I'll completely change my mind again!  If I could have a glimpse into the future that might help me make my decision. love M

Dear M
The first three cards of your spread are all about money, someone having it & wanting to keep it.  I feel this is you & that you have 'worked hard' for your money be it through work or through a previous relationship splitting & you are terrified of losing it through bad judgement.  You would feel much happier if things could just continue as they have been but of course, things change over time.  You are obviously fond of him as you have been in this relationship for a number of years.  I think fear is one of your main obstacles & the thought of being put in a corner, having to make a firm decision which might be difficult to retract at a later date is putting too much pressure on you.  Your friend will obviously have more time on his hands & wants to spend it with you, to make plans for his retirement with his long-term girlfriend.  One possible solution would be for you to rent out your property & both of you rent something together for six months or a year.  During this time you will be able to ascertain whether you are really compatible living together & if you feel too hemmed in you can move back into your own house or go & stay in the UK for awhile.  I feel this relationship will give you the security & stability you crave but only if you allow it!  The Ace of Cups indicates a start of happy times ahead & the preceding card, Judgement indicates positive new opportunities & beginnings for you both.

Dear Laura
Will I meet anyone this year? I have been single I moved over here and I am finding myself getting lonlier as the months pass. So many people seem to be returning to live in England and so many of the bars and restaurants are closing down or are shut. I don't work either so I don't have a social life there. My drinking has increased as I tend to go out to the bars to chat to people in the evenings and one drink tends to lead on to several if I'm not careful. Money is not a problem for me but I find it difficult to meet people with the same amount of money that I have, who are wanting to go out and socialise. Also the drinking is making me put on weight. Don't suggest I join a gym as its not my thing. I think muscles are so unattractive on women. I need to make a new start but I don't know how to. My dream of living in Spain hasn't turned out as planned.  Do you think I'd be happier somewhere else, in another part of Spain?  I hate England and definitely won't move back there. P x

Dear P
You have to start making changes, as you rightly said, things are not working out as you had envisaged.  You don't really have any ties to hold you down & are free to move on with the next stage of your life.  I feel the key to your future happiness is linked with an old friend.  They will be coming back into your life, but not after some soul searching from yourself.  You must have made some friends along the way, as you said you do go out in the evenings & some of these people you must see on a fairly regular basis.  Do you have a friend who lives in another part of Spain?  Why not go & visit them to see what other areas are like?  I feel Spain is your destiny as I don't see movement overseas for you but possibly the area you are living in is not the right one for you.  I sense you might well be happier further south - towards the Marbella area.  I do see a man in your future.  You don't mention your age but I feel this man is of quite an advanced age.  Financially he is solvent & enjoys a nice standard of living but I am not so sure you will feel immediately attracted to him.  If you give this friendship time though I think the pair of you could be a good match.  With regard to the weight gain, your weight will drop off when you start feeling happier about yourself & your situation.  Sometimes we coat ourselves with an additional layer of fat as protection.  I feel this might be part of your weight problem.

Dear Laura
I met this girl through my work in a bar. We started seeing each other until just before Christmas when she finished it. She told me she had a boyfriend already and was only interested in me for fun. I am finding it really hard to get over her as we still work together. She has started flirting with another guy who works in the bar next door and doesn't consider my feelings at all. I told him she had someone else but he told me to butt out and mind my own business. I would change jobs but there are not so many jobs available as its winter. Do you see me getting back with her in the future
from S

Dear S
The Devil card indicates your need to work & the Five of Wands indicates the struggles you're facing in keeping this job.  I don't feel this is a healthy relationship so I would suggest you look for alternative employment ASAP.  There will be new job openings for you, but you might have to look hard to find them.  Try going round to the other bars, possibly in a different area, away from your ex & I'm sure you will find other employment soon.

Dear Laura
I was looking after my friend’s dog whilst she went away during the summer. The problem is that I’ve got very attached to her and I feel there is a special bond between us. It broke my heart when my friend came back to Spain and took M away. Since then we have a big disagreement about M as he has been leaving him locked up alone in the house for hours on end. He never takes M for a walk and shouts constantly at her. She has no toys and is left to sleep outside more often than not. When I had a word with P about this he told me to mind my own business and since then we have not spoken. I really miss this little doggie and it breaks my heart to hear her whimpering and crying. I can’t bear it and if I thought I could I would take her but where can I go? I know he doesn’t love her like I do. It all changed when his wife died as M was her dog. When I looked after M I used to bathe her regularly, trim her hair and I even took her to the vet to have her nails clipped. Now her hair is matted and overgrown, she is thin and miserable. Is there anything I can do to make the situation better?
God Bless J x

Dear J
Despite the sadness of your letter I do believe there is a happy outcome.  At the moment you need to approach your friend differently, you need to see him in a different light.  He is probably torn as to what to do about M.  It was his wife’s dog so feels he has to keep her, he probably had little to do with M when his wife was alive.  If he gives her away then he feels he has let his wife down.  If he keeps her then he has a constant reminder of what he has lost.  Basically both he & M need help & support & you appear to have got the job!  You care enough about the situation & the dog to write in to my column so I suggest you refuse to turn your back on the situation, however aggrieved you feel.  You need to get this man on side, use all of  your feminine wiles & even though he is in the wrong, let him think that he is right.  That way he will let you into his life again & that way you will have M back in yours.  To be honest, I don’t think this man is very happy about having had this disagreement with you & I feel you will both be able to agree to disagree & that will bring a sort of harmony back to the situation.  At this stage, I would urge you not to bring up poor M’s plight but slowly start taking control of the situation.  Take control bit by bit but don’t let him feel you are otherwise you will be back to square one again.  I do feel he will come round to your way of thinking eventually & I do feel that in time he may well suggest that you keep M.  Just remember though that this will take time but the Three of Cups tells me that there will be a celebration so I would definitely advise you not to turn your back on this situation.  I have drawn you a Meditation Card for inspiration.  It says ‘Focus on love, harmony & positive thinking’

Hi Laura
I have being in a very strange relationship love the guy but don’t like him. It has gone on five years. He does not like people, children, pets. He is always moaning, about life and anything. And he says he hates women. He bullies me, shouts, controls me, and does not want to take me out any were. His stress level is very high. And I can’t take it anymore. He did live with me two years ago but I made him leave. He still came round but just to watch TV as he does not have one. There was a good sex life but for the past two years nothing not a kiss or hug. He has never said a nice thing to me, and yet he said he loved m e on a card Xmas act. I know the last woman he was with and she had the same problem with him. he is a diabetic and blames this .the night he moved in with me he said he had being prison.6yrs,do you think this is why he is so hard?.Have I done the right thing to let him go? He still wants me he has no friends and his two sisters don’t speak to him.   now something else a strange thing happened on Tuesday pm I use my mirror every day a large crack appeared five in long I did not drop it or bang it, but thought I must have or why would it be there. On wed my friend saw the crack in the mirror as we used it for some beauty treatment and had to turn it round. Told her I would buy a new one. the crack was there Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday am .we went away to Torremolinos, Friday morning and when I used it before we went the crack was there.7-45pm Friday night it had gone_-no sign any where not a mark. Me and my friend could not be leave it, and I still can’t I would swear on my children’s lifes. I have never had anything before and never being to a psychic. Can you please tell me what this means?   
Thank you P

Hi P
What you are describing is a psychic phenomenon.  There are many strange things in this world, the majority of which we don’t understand.  What is known is the power of energy.  We see it to power appliances & to do all the usual things which we take for granted.  People who have a developed sixth sense have access to further evidence of energy being it from studying spirit healing, Reiki, learning to meditate etc.  Quite often when someone is beginning to embark on a spiritual path strange things start to happen.  There might be a smell which suddenly wafts over – cigarette/cigar smoke, perfume, coffee & the like.  There might be small objects which seem to have mysteriously appeared & disappeared through no apparent reason – everyone denies moving it!    Several lights & other electrical appliances might all suddenly break at once.  Another very common phenomena is film & magnetic tape for voice recording.  Pictures don’t come out as they should; maybe there is a funny shape which appears to be a person, maybe a series of brightly light circles – orbs.   All I can say is that I certainly believe you, what you are describing is uncommon but certainly not beyond the realms of psychic energy at work.  Another thing to note is when tensions are running high the unusually strong emotions will produce excess energy which in can cause inexplicable things to happen such as spontaneous combustion of objects.  There was a survey carried out in the UK a few years ago by a major national newspaper.  This publication was carrying an article about ‘things that go bump in the night’.  Over 60% of the population of those questioned admitted to believing that ‘there was something out there’.  This is a large percentage of the population & when you look at people around you the majority of them would say they were non believers in the paranormal world!  I suggest you & anyone else who are interested get a few books on the subject.  It is very interesting & you never know, you may well find your interest moves you onto a new spiritual path have a word with your local Spiritualist Church.  I know some of them have a small library of spiritual & psychic books which I believe they lend out to interested people for ‘development’.  I have drawn you a Meditation Card which says ‘Broaden your horizons mentally & physically’

Dear Laura
I was told by a fortune teller many moons ago that I’d be living in a warm sunny country with the mountains behind me and the sea in front of me. This has almost become my reality but there is one thing missing. He told me this would be my final resting place and that I would be in a relationship. I have not had a relationship with anyone for over 10 years. Whenever I feel myself getting close to a man I seem to behave myself really badly and eventually they move on as they can’t take my behaviour any longer. I would really love to change but I don’t know how. I yearn to spend my final years with someone I love. (I am 69 in September). Do you ever see me living with someone and will I ever be truly happy?
Love D

Dear D
The first stage of making positive change is to realise that you have a problem or need to make changes in your life.  The second stage is to try to think back to previous relationships, try to analyse what went wrong with them, why they went wrong & how far into the relationship you were before they went wrong.  If you are able to pin point this, along with any recurring character traits, you may well find some answers to your questions.  Failing that, a session with a hypnotherapist could well help you unlock your distant past which would dictate how you have viewed things in your more recent past & how you may well view things in your future.  The Three of Swords confirms how lonely & incomplete you feel without a ‘soul mate’.  The following few cards indicate that you will be literally taking the bull by the horns & starting to take control of your situation.  There is indication of support, of working at this problem, of learning new behaviour patterns.  Sometimes there will be despondency but there will be great rewards ahead.  The Wheel of Fortune confirms that you will literally be making your future destiny through sheer hard work & determination.  The answer to your question is yes, & with this Meditation card which I have drawn for you the answer is clear ‘Practise positive thoughts & actions today

Dear Laura
I want to move back to the UK at the end of the year. Do you think I'll be able to sell my apartment or should I rent it out? I have had an offer on the apartment but it was far to low.
Thanks C

Dear C
I see a move for you overseas but I feel it is going to be sooner than the end of the year.  I also see a lump sum of money & the signing of contracts.  I believe you will sell your apartment sooner than you think & at an acceptable price.  

Dear Laura,
I have been reading your letters for awhile now and find them most interesting.  My wife and I are in our mid 70s and have been living in Spain for 7 years,3 of which in Pinoso. Murcia where we bought land and built a lovely 4 bedroom villa,we have been very happy with the build,but have now found that the agent has not paid any of the taxes or licences,which we have now repaid. But all of this has taken the shine off our dream of a happy retirement and my wife would wish to return to the UK. Our Villa has been on the market for a considerable amount of time without any responce,although it has been greatly reduced in price. My questions are do you see any brighness in our future. Should we remain in Spain.  Your advice will be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks. T

Dear T
It is such a shame that your dreams of a happy fulfilled retirement have been dashed by yet another unscrupulous person in the property business.   I can quite understand why your wife wishes to put the whole thing behind her & start afresh.  I suggest that you spend this time whilst your property is on the market looking at what your options are.  Look at options both in Spain & in the UK.  Possibly even spend some more time in the UK to clarify whether you really want to be there.  The cards are indicating to me that the pair of you have a very strong relationship.  You always have had & you always will.  I feel that this situation has slightly soured everything, including possibly your relationship.  I feel that the pair of you should 'take some time out', even go on a holiday, somewhere completely different & start enjoying life again, both of you.  Try & inject some light heartedness into your life & then you will both be able to form an unbiased assessment of your situation.  You have between you built a lovely home, somewhere where you were both extremely happy & it would be a shame to throw it all away now.  You have managed to pay the money which should have been paid by the agent…don't allow the unfairness of the situation ruin everything.  I believe that if you can both get over this hurdle of wanting to 'run away' you will be able to settle down again & start enjoying life over here.  I have drawn you both an Angel Card which says 'Faith is an energy of your heart – make room for it'.  

Dear Laura,
I have been in a relationship with a lovely lady for almost three years. She is very keen on getting married and I'd like to also. The problem is my eldest daughter. She was very close to her mum who died just after I started my relationship. She blames M for everything including her mums death.  I was married for over 20 years but truly the marriage had been on the rocks for a number of years.  Infact we both led separate lives much of the time and both of us had affairs during the time we were married. How can I get D to accept my ladyfriend? I don't want to go into the nuts and bolts of the marriage with D but I do need her approval of any future relationship which I might have. I don't want to lose M but my daughter is more important to me. As a female what do course of action do you think I should take?
Thank you. J

Dear J
This is a tricky one.  Do you think your daughter would be happy for you if you met another woman (rather than the one she believes led to her mother's passing) or do you think that she'd be unhappy for you to have a partner at all?  I do have the feeling that she would resent anyone as she feels they are coming between the pair of you.  You don't mention how old your daughter is.  If she is a teenager (or even early 20's) then I feel you have to be more yielding to her feelings & her emotions.  If she is a mature lady with a family of her own then my advice would be different.  In either case, I feel that there is a happy outcome here but you need to approach your situation differently.  I know you don't want to hurt anyone but funnily enough you are pleasing no one by taking this stance.  I suggest you work out what you want, what would make your life complete & then go from there.  If you wish to settle down with your lady friend then you have to make this clear to your daughter.  But, if your daughter is still quite young & lives with you then I feel you have to make her your main consideration.  The Ten of Cups along with the Three of Cups does indicate that you all will be able to find an equilibrium.  I have drawn you an Angel Card too which says 'In the maze of life, call for God: He will guide you'

Dear Laura
I am getting concerned that there will be no work for me this winter. Last winter I found it a real struggle to make ends meet and I had to dip into my savings on a number of ocasions to pay bills Etc. During the summer I managed to get a job in a bar but the owner is talking about making staff cuts.  He hasn't directly told me that I won't have any work and I am too frightened to ask him outright.  What do you think the winter holds for me?
love K

Dear K
I believe you are right to be considering your work options especially as the cards do indicate a severance & new beginnings for you.  This is a time where you might decide to analyse your life generally & see if you are happy living where you are, doing the type of work you are doing etc.  I feel you will be doing a slightly different type of work this winter which will make you feel much more secure generally.  I have drawn you an Fairy Card which says 'Peace of Mind'

Dear Laura
I met this man last year whilst he was on holiday in Spain.  We had a brief fling and I found afterwards that I was pregnant.  I already have 3 children and have been separated for several years from my husband. I am in my late thirties and it was a difficult decision to make. I made contact with P and told him about the situation and he told me he’d stand by me whatever decision I made. Before he left from Spain he told me he had a wife but things were not working out between them.  When he returned to the UK he told me his wife was trying for a baby using IVF but it meant nothing to him as he did not love her. I am now 8 months pregnant. His wife somehow has found out about me and has made contact via email and by ringing me. She told me that P has cheated many times in there short marriage and keeps asking me if I’m pregnant.  I have not told her anything and our emails have got quite nasty. Women like you and the like. He still rings me every day and tells me he loves me but he doesn’t know what to do. He has still not told his wife everything and I am getting concerned as the baby is due in 4 weeks. He has not mentioned anything about child support and of course I am not going to find it easy to work with a babe. I really don’t know what to do. I tell him I don’t want him to leave his wife but really I want us to be a family and to bring our child up together in Spain. She follows him everywhere and at times he can only talk for a couple of minutes. I am getting really depressed about the situation and this is affecting my health and my life. What do you see happening in the future for me and P?
Love and Light J

Dear J
Whilst shuffling one card flew out of the pack – The Fool.  It is a card of warning, of caution & I feel you are going to have to really look at your options for the future.  The card essentially means look at where you are at the moment & tread carefully.  The baby I believe is probably going to come early, as I have the Wish Card in the present position.  The Hermit straight afterwards indicates that you are going to feel alone around this time, where you are unsure of what the future holds for you, the baby & P.  I feel you should forget about P & everyone else around you for a moment & consider what is best for you & for this baby (& of course the rest of your family unit).  There are going to be financial issues here & this is something which you need to address quite urgently.  I personally feel that if, as you say, he has encouraged you to keep this baby & has been in close contact with you throughout your pregnancy they morally he should be there for you as it was a joint decision to go ahead.  There will be positive unexpected communications from him after the birth & the Star Card indicates that things are going to go better than you expect.  I don’t see him turning his back on the baby or you but the Two of Pentacles indicates that his marital situation is unlikely to change.  I am not so sure that he is going to confess all to his wife & that is a decision which you will have to make – whether you pressurise him to tell her or whether you decide to keep it between yourselves.  I feel the situation is going to continue very much in the same vein for some time yet, with you believing there is going to be a positive outcome between you & P in the future.  This is why, I believe The Fool Card threw itself out whilst I was shuffling.  I think you need to do what is best for you, your family & the new arrival as I don’t feel there is going to be the happy outcome between yourself & P that you desire.  The issue of finances I believe is going to rear it’s ugly head again & again so I would urge you to think with your head rather than your heart, however unpalatable this might seem to be.  Good luck with the birth & I’m sure you will make a super mum!  I have drawn you a Meditation Card which says ‘Marvel at the natural beauty around you’

Dear Laura
I know you might think this a strange question but I'd still like to have your thoughts on it.  I am in a situation where I have to start considering leaving Spain to go back to the UK which I won't go into here.  I have a problem which is praying on my mind and I just need someone to put my mind at ease.  I have been living in Spain for many years and last year I had to have my favourite dog, a poodle, put to sleep after being my best friend over here.  He is buried in the garden.  The problem is that I am worried that if I leave him here that will be the last contact I have with him.  He still seems to be around me.  I have even considered trying to dig him up and take him with me but on other days I think that is completely mad.  I can't bear the thought of not having any more contact with him once I sell the house.  What do you think I should do?
Love and Light K xx

Dear K
As a pet lover I completely understand how you feel.  It's almost as if you are leaving him behind, but in reality you are only leaving behind a pile of bones, for after all, his spirit would have left the place of his burial long ago, moving into another dimension.  I don't feel it would be the right thing to disturb where he is buried.  This dog which you have had the special bond with will always be around you and when it comes to the time of your passing, I am sure the pair of you will be reunited once again.  Our earthly bodies are a temporary housing for the soul, to be given up once our time here on earth is complete.  One idea might be to put some flowers down where he is buried on a regular basis & whilst you do that talk to him, letting him know that it is time for you to move on in this dimension & ask for his love & blessing.  Also ask him for his permission to move on with the next stage of your life.  As the pair of you had such love for each other, I am sure you will get his permission without hesitation for he himself knows that your time in Spain is drawing to a close.  Don't be too surprised if when you return to the UK a new companion presents itself sooner rather than later!  Don't worry; your beloved pet will be with you all the way, in spirit, during your transition & again with you in the UK.  He would not wish you to worry yourself over him, he is happy where he is, wishes to thank you for all that you did for him in this dimension & will be waiting for you when it your time to pass over.  You may fear being alone but you won't be. x

Dear Laura
I have had a few health problems recently and a few years ago I was diagnosed with cancer but given the all clear.  I am absolutely terrified that I might have it again.  I was advised to look after myself but the Spanish way of life is not conducive to that!  I drink quite a lot of wine most days.  I also took up smoking about 4 years ago and am now on 40 day.  I don't seem to be able to give up either and over the past year I feel things are sliding generally.  I am terrified to see my doctor and am concerned that if there is something wrong they won't offer me treatment as I have not followed their advice.  I feel helpless at the moment with no one to confide in hence me writing to you.  Do you think I have cancer again?
Thank you so much G

Dear G
It would not be right of me or for any psychic to give you advice on your health as we can all be wrong but what I would say is that you must gather your courage to go to see your doctor.  I'm sure you're fully aware that many illnesses such as cancer, heart problems etc can be resolved much easier & quicker if the doctor has a chance to examine you sooner rather than later.  I think you really must gather up your strength & resolve to book an appointment.  Yes, the chances are you will be told off for your lifestyle but at the end of the day we all make mistakes & deserve the opportunity to put right what we have done wrong.  That is one of the perks of paying our taxes & National Insurance contributions for so many years.  You may find that you have had a health scare & given a final warning about how you conduct your life, or you might find that something is found but unless you go to your doctor you may never know until it might be too late - so please don't be that person!  So please, you & any other readers who are concerned about their overall health, go to see your doctor to get a check up & if you get the all clear, resolve to cut down or cut out the booze & the fags. x

Dear Laura
I have just discovered my partner has been unfaithful to me with one of the neighbours on our urbanisation. I saw him coming out of her house when I was walking the dog late at night around the back streets. He had told me he had a job to do which would take him away for the night. I can’t believe he’d do this to me right under my very nose.  I don’t usually walk the dog at night as he usually takes the dog for a walk and has a pint on his way.  When I confronted him he admitted it has been going for a few months now and he is in love with her. He now says he is moving in with her and has started packing up his belongings. He has even taken the tv and the computer over to her house. I don’t know what I ‘ve done to deserve this but I am really hurting badly. He is the love of my life, he always has been and always will be. I am devastated. How could he be so stupid as to fall for this woman? She is not even attractive, is overweight and looks like mutton dressed as lamb. Laura do you see him returning back to me? I am so desperate I’d take him back under any circumstances but he won’t talk to me any longer. He just comes in to the house, pats the dog, collects more bits and bobs and leaves again.  Our children are furious with him and aren’t speaking to him but they are back in England and have their own lives so other than being at the end of the phone aren’t of much help. My daughter and her husband have said I can move back and stay with them but that seems so final. I want to know if there is any chance we can get back together again in the future. Sorry to be so miserable G

Dear G
This is going to be a hard split for you – the Two of Cups – the Karmic Twins tell me so.  You have a Karmic link with this man, unfinished business from a previous incarnation which has been brought into this carnation to resolve.  At the moment you are crippled with indecision – you are hoping that he will return to you & everything will be made better again but the Five of Cups indicates a woman on her own – the divorced woman, the bereaved woman.  For whatever reason, he was dissatisfied with his lot – he felt he needed more that you could give him so he has turned his back on his life with you.  I think this is something you are just going to have to accept.  At the moment, there is nothing that is going to change his mind.  If it was not with the woman on your urbanisation it would be with somebody else.  He is searching for something & unfortunately you cannot give it to him.  The Sun tells me that this split is going to ultimately have a very positive outcome for you but first of all you need to accept that he’s unlikely to return.  I feel you can be quite an impulsive person & the cards are indicating that you need to take your time before making your next move.  I believe there are financial issues here which will need to be resolved & if you are not too impatient to bring closure you will be left in a good financial position.  The Tower tells me that there is really nothing you can do to get this relationship back on track so once you have accepted this fact then try & disentangle yourself from this man & move on with your life.  Incidentally, you will have decisions that have to be made once you have negotiated your financial affairs & I feel there will be a quick overseas visit which will be fruitful for you.   You may even decide to up sticks & move back to England.  I have drawn you an Angel Card which says ‘Creativity is the power to transform little into much’

Dear Laura
I have been living in Quesada for a number of years now but I have noticed how things are changing.  There are less people here, the streets are empty and I am not so sure this is the right place for me any longer. I have a big house which was the family home but now everyone has gone there separate ways and it’s only me and my husband left.  We do have friends to stay but not as often as we’d like. We have several pets which restricts us from travelling to other countries. Nearly everybody we talk to at the moment is thinking of moving back to the UK. We have not lived there for almost 10 years so are not quite sure what to expect. We never thought we’d consider moving from Spain but it is just not the same here any longer. Most of our money is invested in our house over here and when looking in real estate agents windows everything seems to have dropped in price so much. The more we talk about it the more we feel we’d like to move on but how? Our house is in good condition albeit slightly old fashioned (we last had an overhaul about 5 years ago) and to be honest could do with putting in a new kitchen and bathroom. Do you think it would be worth our while updating the house and hoping property prices improve towards the end of the year or do you think we would be wasting our money.  Most of our family are in the south of England and have invited us to live with them until we get ourselves sorted. What do you think would be our best plan of action? Thank you Laura love P x

Dear P
The first thing I’d say to you & to anyone else who is finding life hard in Spain at the moment & who has pets is to ensure that all rabies vaccinations are up to date.  The last thing you want is to have to leave dearly loved pets behind due to unforeseen circumstances.  It is a very unsettled period which we live at the moment & things can change from day to day.  I don’t need to tell you or anyone else how many abandoned pets there are, many because they don’t meet the criteria of travelling back into the UK.  So please, take these precautions now so you are ready just incase you make a sudden decision to relocate.   Now for your reading.  The Ten of Swords along with the Five of Swords indicate an element of feeling cheated – your life’s dream is not working out quite how you had wished for & now you are having to have a rethink.  What is nice is you have support around you – you mention your family have offered you a home in the UK until you get yourselves sorted so if I were you I’d take up their kind offer.  I do believe you will be relocating but the major difficulty you’re facing at the moment is making the decision.  Obviously noone likes losing money but your property is tying you down & is becoming a burden – the Devil Card indicates this – literally being chained down!  There are two men in your spread – one older – I take this to be your husband & a younger, dark haired man.  The dark haired man (possibly a son?) will be instrumental in your move.  He will be instrumental in your relocation & help you reach your goals.  The Star indicates to me that the move is in your best interest – it is where you should be at this time of your life.  The Magician indicates new beginnings, where you can make of your future what you will.  It will be difficult moving to a new country after so long but you have an adaptable disposition & I don’t think you will find it too difficult to adapt.  The cards don’t indicate the Spanish house being sold as such so I am wondering whether there is any possibility of family members chipping in to keep the house in Spain as a holiday home?   I have drawn you an Angel Card which says ‘The wealth of creation wants to flow to you – open up to it’



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