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OSCS (One Stop Cosmic Shop) says:

"Laura Boyle Joins The Team.  We are very pleased to welcome Laura Boyle a gifted, natural psychic, clairvoyant, Tarot reader & Spiritual Medium to the OSCS team. She is well known both in Spain & in the UK where she has built up an impressive client base of models, celebrities, television personalities, bankers to name but a few. Her horoscopes are one of our most popular features..."

Laura Boyle is delighted to answer questions on behalf of the readers of The One Stop Cosmic Shop.  This is a wonder new venture for all & will be published on a 3-monthly rotation.  This  selection of emails answered cover the months of September, October & November.

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OSCS Autumn Edition 2011 ready to read below - September, October & November 2011 E-zine Letters

Dear Ask the Psychic
I am a man in his late 40s who is trying to find a soul mate. My wife died of cancer a few years ago and since then I have been on my own. I had tried all the usual things, internet dating, putting ads in the paper but so  far have not had much luck. I am overweight which does not help. The women I meet just want to be friends, nothing more. I have a lot of love to give and consider myself to be a friendly outgoing sort of person. My question Laura is will I meet someone to spend therest of my life with? Where will I meet them and will it last? Thank you for taking the time to read my email. from L

Dear L
I am sorry that you feel so lonely.  It is always harder to meet someone when you are looking for someone special.  I feel you are still very emotionally attached to your wife & you are unconsciously projecting this.  I think this is the main reason why these women you meet just want to be friends – they are picking up that you are not completely ready to share your life with someone new.  The good news is there is someone out there for you.   There will be an unexpected communication from someone you have previously met.  I believe the person has not been in your life for sometime but will return.  You will be pleased to see them again & if you wanted to move this friendship into a relationship, this will be possible.  I have drawn the Sun card which always indicates a happy outcome.  I would advise you not to put too much pressure on her to commit, just take your time.  I wish you every happiness with your new romance.

Dear Ask the Psychic
Last year I wrote to you, as a gay man, I had strong feelings for a friend who at the time was going through a divorce. You advised not to make any advances to him at that stage. I eventually came out to him, but stopped short of explaining my feelings. He was Ok about it, and we are still the best of friends. My problem is, although I am really happy with my life,  I have a nice home, and made many friends. Mostly straight, as I am not really into the gay scene. It would be nice to have that certain someone in my life.   Do you see anything developing with my friend, or do you see me finding a soul mate, to make my life here complete.  Regards R.

Dear R
I think you have to accept that your friend wants you as his friend rather than his partner.  If he had been interested in anything more, he would have confided that he too was attracted to members of the same sex – but he didn't.  I wouldn't broach the subject again with him – he obviously has a live & let live philosophy so don't jeopardise your friendship by making him have to spell it out to you.  I'm now going to consult the Tarot cards for the rest of this year.  They are showing me that you have been pinning your hopes on your friend eventually coming round to the idea of having a relationship with you – this you have to completely dismiss to enable you to move on with your life.  I feel you're going to have to be quite strong with yourself here & despite feeling in a rut start formulating Plan B.  The Five of Cups indicates the emotional loneliness that you're experiencing.  The Two of Pentacles tells me that you will be doing two of the same thing simultaneously towards the end of the year.  Whether it is working in two jobs at the same time, dividing your time in two areas, but you will be doing two of something simultaneously & this seems to be the way forward for you to meet someone with whom you can form a lasting bond with.  The Ten of Cups indicates you will be feeling much happier & more fulfilled next year.

Dear Ask the Psychic
I am writing to you to see you if you can offer some assistance to my son who is having major problems in his life at the present time. He has been living with his girlfriend for several years and he is father to her 2 children as well as their 2 children together. She has now met somebody else and has told P she wants him out of the house. It was her house before they got together but P has spent a lot of money and time redecorating, building an extension and the like.  He has treated her 2 like his own as their natural father is in and out of jail on a regular basis and from what I can gather is doing a long stretch as we speak. He has spent most of his savings on this family and it breaks my heart to see him so despondent. Apparently she has been seeing someone at work for quite awhile and they have both decided to leave their partners and start afresh. P is devastated and to be honest so am I. He doesn’t have the money to buy somewhere to live and with his work arrangements he wouldn’t be able to look after the children and anyway it would not be right to split the children up. What I want to know Laura is what is going to become of P? Do you see he and J getting back together again? I know he’d do anything for the children. The relationship has been all but over for sometime but neither he nor I imagined it would be her to leave him. His eldest son is about to start secondary school next year and I am worried how this is going to affect him emotionally. He is a very sensitive boy and very fond of his mother. I don’t know if she’s said too much to the children yet but I am concerned she’ll make P to be the baddie in the situation which is just not so. I am living in a quiet village over 100 miles away from him and would happily offer P a roof over his head for as long as he needs but I’m not sure this is the lifestyle for him. He is still young and needs to work. What sort of work could he do?  I worry so much about him and his future. What do you see happening to them all in the future? Kindest regards S

Dear S
Sorry to hear your tale of woe regarding your son P.  The past shows that he was happy with his family despite you saying that the relationship has been over for some time.  I think that was probably because she was seeing someone else & your son was unaware of the situation – he was picking up something was wrong but he didn’t imagine she’s cheat on him.  The Chariot card tells me the meltdown of this relationship has happened very suddenly & it is more the shock element which has sent P reeling.  If he is honest, I don’t think he feels this relationship has much more mileage in it but of course there are the various children to consider which is a major problem.  I feel the pair of them will manage to make a go of their relationship again.  At the moment the Hierophant indicates a stale mate.  Noone is prepared to move out & noone is prepared to give way which in a funny sort of way will force them both to accept the situation as it is & come to a conclusion.  The Sun  followed by the Three of Cups indicates to me that this is a glitch in the relationship & through positive actions & discussions these two people will be able to get their life, not only back on track but make it better than before.  They need to recognise what the problem is with the relationship, why your son believes the relationship has been all but over & why his partner has felt the need to form a liaison with a person from work.  From where I am standing, there seem to have been a few crossed wires, a few signals which have been misinterpreted along the way & unless people talk on a regular basis, however long they have been in a relationship these apparent ‘slights’ can be extremely damaging & erosive to the stability of a family over time.  I think your son needs to be more assertive, if he wants his family then he must fight for it.  He also needs to be aware that this is not a sticky plaster job.  He needs to get to the root of the problem, not only what she has done wrong but what he has done wrong in the relationship too – the law of cause & effect.  The Two of Cups indicates tells me that this pair have a strong bond, they have a Karmic link which is incredibly strong.  They are destined to be together but have gone off track.  With some effort this relationship can be mended & this time I’m sure it will be stronger than before.  I have drawn you a Meditation Card to help you stop worrying too much about the situation.  Worry never really helped solve anything – you need to focus on staying positive & trying to get these two people to sort their life out, to recognise what is important & to help them with positivity to get their family back together.  It says ‘Positivity feeds positivity, negativity feeds negativity ‘

Dear Ask the Psychic
I have been contacted by an old boyfriend of mine via Facebook… He doesn’t have his picture on the website but he says he’s in a relationship. I have always had a soft spot for R and I am wondering what his intentions are? Do you think he wants to go back out with me? We were together for almost 2 years and then he moved away.  I have been with my partner for  5 years and although I love my partner, I am not in love with him.  He is a good man and has been brilliant helping me with my children but I feel there is something missing.  We haven’t slept together for several months.  R was very complimentary in his email. He told me I hadn’t changed at all and that I was still the person he fell in love with. I would love to believe him but I am frightened of ruining what I have already got plus my partner would be devastated.  I can’t seem to get S out of my head at the moment as thoughts of him are with me night and day. Do you think I’m being silly letting my heart rule my head? I still feel like madly in love and would so love to have a fling just to see if the magic can be rekindled. Am I just being silly or do you think I should go for it? Can you consult the cards for me to find out what his motives are and whether I should follow my heart? Many thanks T

Dear T
I don’t think S really knows what he wants.  He has turned his back on something – I believe this to be his existing relationship.  He may well still be with her but I don’t think his heart is in it.  If he could have a relationship on the side, an affair, I think that would give him the best of both worlds.  Meaning he could still be in his relationship & what he’s not getting from his existing relationship he can get elsewhere.  I think he is hoping to meet you again & everything will work out just fine.  I don’t feel he will leave the person he’s with so potentially he is very bad news for you.  I have 2 different men showing themselves in the cards – one more solid & dare I say boring?  And the other more dynamic, more the life & soul of the party.  You need to think very very carefully whether you allow J into your life as you could, very easily end up alone in the not too distant future.  Maybe, this is the time to reflect on your existing relationship & see if there is anything you can do to make it more exciting?  The Star would indicate that this is the best way forward for you.  I have drawn you a Meditation Card which says ‘When in trouble ask for guidance from above’

Laura Boyle - Psychic London, Clairvoyant London, Tarot London

Laura Boyle Psychic, Ask the Psychic, Ask the Psychic Laura Boyle, ATP ask the psychic.  Laura Boyle psychic, Laura Boyle Clairvoyant, Laura Boyle Tarot, Laura Boyle Agony Aunt


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