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Laura Boyle - London Psychic, London Clairvoyant, London Tarot
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Laura Boyle is one of the UK's leading Psychics.  She is a world renowned Tarot Reader & in based in West London.  She has worked in this field for over 30 years & during this time has built up a world wide reputation as the 'Psychic To Go To!"

Laura Boyle has clients from all walks of life, from royalty to celebrity, from models to brick layers!   We all need a little bit of guidance in our lives, at different stages of our development so why not have a reading? 

Laura Boyle offers in Person Readings, Telephone Readings & Email/Mp3 Readings.  She also has a Monthly Special Offer too!  Due to the advances in modern technology, you don't have to be in the UK!  Many of Laura Boyle's clients come from as far afield as The United Arab Emirates, The United States of America, Africa, India, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Canada to name but a few, as well as more local clients - Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, etc.  They take advantage of having Phone/Skype Readings or even the Monthly Special Offer!

Over the years, Laura Boyle has worked on mainstream television - namely BT Sport as well as having worked on several different psychic television channels.  Laura Boyle had a weekly radio show for almost 3 years & wrote a weekly newspaper column - Dear Laura, Your Psychic Agony Aunt! 

She reguarly gets contacted by television companies & by publishing houses & has an enviable media profile. 

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Thanks for the reading. You are so very accurate. I agree with ... Thanks, Leena 18.5.16

Hi Laura, I had a reading by you some years ago when volunteering with Parveen and what you told me was completely accurate. I have made my payment and am in need of finding out the answer to the above question.  Love and angel blessings to you. Regards G 15.5.16

Laura, how can I thank you, I manages to hear my reading and I sincerely cant believe how accurate you are. With every point made, you have more than pit my mind at ease and I have now decided to change my way of thinking or dealing with situations regarding this. I truly cant thank you enough. You sound so down to earth, and such a lovely women. Thank you for your help. Take care lots of love. Pauline. xxx 14.5.16

Morning laura so sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to say thank you for a great reading xxxx Pembe 13.5.16

hi Laura... have been following the weekly readings for a while.... it turns out my aunty lisa is the karmic twin and the one connected with my mum... cant afford to ask any questions but just to let you know that the readings are spot on Richard 26.4.16



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